100 Things

This is totally outdated. I neeeeeeed to change it…

. : 100 Things About Sanna : .

1. My name is Sandra, but nice people call me Sanna.

2. I’m from a small village south of Hildesheim a little north of the middle of Germany.

3. I am a gemini by sign and what they say about them is pretty acurate.

4. I have two younger sisters. Anke and Nina. They’re not that little anymore!

5. I study International Business Studies.

6. The naughtiest thing I did in school was to put lots of soap on the blackboard so the teacher couldn’t write on it anymore. That was in 4th grade or so.

7. Actually, my native tongue is German but since most of my friends who are online don’t understand German, I’m keeping this page in English. Also, it’s more likely to find a German who is able to understand English than vice-versa.

8. Cookies are good.

9. I hate ironing and moving the lawn.

10. I’m pretty shy with new people.

11. I TRY to be nice but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

12. People are always surprised when they see my “wild side”.

13. One of my favorite dishes is pasta especially with tomato sauce.

14. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to grow up in a “Mom-Dad-2 kids-family”.

15. Tinnitus is worst at night times or when you take tests and everybody is quiet.

16. Robbie Williams is definitely cool.

17. I listen to pretty much anything, though, as long as it is not too extreme.

18. I used to be a fan of the boy band “Caught in the Act”. I liked the one who turned out to be gay after they split up meaning I would have never had a chance with him. Too bad.

19. I love palm trees.

20. I used to be a vegetarian but after 6 years I stopped and started eating meat again. Shame on me! I don’t regret that, though, because dead animals are really yummy!

21. ICQ is a cool program. You should download it on http://www.icq.com and add me. My number is 48966233.

22. I also use AIM a lot. My screen name there is “Sannipanni”. My sister called me Sannipanni when she was young. I know it sounds stupid…

23. I like crafting, especially scrapbooking.

24. The internet is a cool place.

25. One of my favorite authors is Douglas Coupland who writes absolutely wicked books. You should read Microserves and All Families Are Psychotic for a beginning.

26. I also love reading girly books. Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes is awesome!

27. I crave sushi rolls!!

28. Strawberries are the best fruit. Together with whipped cream I could eat a ton of them.

29. College is all about time management.

30. It is also tons of fun but I really miss my friends and there is sooo much work to do!

31. Anni, Jenny, Juliane, Jens and Marc I miss you guys a lot!

32. Statistics are a pain in the butt.

33. I passed Statistics I and II though.

34. I like my homepage.

35. I’ve had one since 2000.

36. My favourite movie is Pretty Woman. I don’t like the German voices though.

37. I moved out to go to university when I was 20.

38. I loved my first apartment; it was white and pink.

39. After that I shared a house with 4 other students. Sharing a fridge sucked but only cleaning every 5 weeks rocked!

40. I’m now living in Wernigerode again.

41. I only have one roommate this time.

42. A lot of people have told me that I drive well. Hmmm…

43. I’m scared of driving with other people.

44. My favorite TV shows are Friends, Sex and the City, Joey, NCIS, Medium, and Supernanny.

45. I don’t like going to the hairdressers that often. They always pull my hair.

46. After 6 years of having straight long hair, I now have layers.

47. I miss my old hairstlyle every now and then.

48. I wished I had more eyelashes.

49. I used to cry every time my Mom dropped me at Kindergarten.

50. She is surprised that I’ve become so independent.

51. I have been to the USA six times so far.

52. When I was 16 I was an exchange student in New Jersey and lived with a family from India.

53. When I was 21 I did an internship in Illinois for 4 months.

54. At age 22 I spent a year in North Carolina and got my MBA.

55. I travelled a lot on the East Coast.

56. American washing machines and dishwashers are not that good.

57. I have also been to Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, and Spain.

58. I was in England three times but only at airports or between airports.

59. I don’t think that really counts.

60. I would like to visit every country in Europe.

61. Out of all the places I have been I would like living in Charlotte the most.

62. I wouldn’t want to go on vacation there all the time because it’s quite boring.

63. A very nice place to live, though.

64. I collected enough frequent flyer miles to get a free domestic flight.

65. I once flew first class because my seat in economy class was already taken.

66. I want to buy a Coach purse after graduating and finding a nice job.

67. I have trouble finding shoes and pants but I can always find a nice purse to buy.

68. I’m bi-lingual in German and English and I also study Spanish and Italian.


70. One day maybe I’ll have my own real domain.

71. One of my exes explained American football to me and I love watching it.

72. My favorite teams are the Carolina Panthers (because I lived in Charlotte), the Oakland Raiders (because I got so used to them) and the Cincinnati Bangals (because the tiger is cute).

73. I don’t know much about the teams though.

74. I also enjoy watching hockey and European handball a lot.

75. I have my own graphics website.

76. I used to be really bad at art.

77. I still am but thanks to the undo button it works really well at the computer.

78. I love cute things.

79. Hallmark is a dangerous place for my bank account.

80. I collect postcards that my friends mailed to me.

81. I love getting any kind of snail mail. Well, almost any kind.

82. I can cook. I prefer cooking with recipes and love cooking books.

83. My first car was a very luxerious white 1997 Ford Taurus. It was awesome!

84. I have never smoked a single cigarette.

85. I have allergic asthma.

86. I start wheezing when I’m sleeping in a dusty room or in a room with any sort of animal hair/feathers.

87. It’s not too bad though.

88. I love getting flowers. The prettiest bouquet so far was from Aaron on my 22nd birthday.

89. I want to have a pretty house and a pretty garden later on.

90. I like the way American houses look but I don’t like their insulation!

91. I got my ears pierced when I was 21. They seem to be constantly infected.

92. It is very annoying!

93. My favorite gem stone is opal.

94. I used to have acne so my early teenage years weren’t that good.

95. It’s all good now and I’m a happy gal.

96. I got my first kiss when I was 16.

97. I was in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years.

98. Don’t really want to do that again.

99. But you never know what happens…

100. I have completed 100 things about me!


2 responses to “100 Things

  1. Hi 😉
    Hab dich grad über die alex in Alabama gefunden. 😉 Sag bloss du studierst International Business Studies in WR HS Harz? Bin nämlich auch da Studi, aber in HBS und momentan in Tartu, Estland. 😉

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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