5 Days Left in Germany

Wow, 5 more days until I fly. I should start thinking about packing soon!

Diploma thesis: I finished typing up everything that the literature offers me but now I have to make up some specific advice for the company. Not that easy…. Also, I only have 40 pages right now, which is wayyyy too little. Granted I’ll get another 2-4 pages from the introduction and the closing statement and then maybe another 3 from the company advice but still. I’m probably one of the very few students who doesn’t have a problem with writing too many pages. Never had.

Saturday I saw The Holiday (Liebe braucht keine Ferien) at the movies with Juliane. Sooo funny! A really cute movie! Afterwards we went to an Irish pub here in town and that was fun, too. They had a live band and everything was so nice and cozy. Made me look forward to Ireland even though I won’t know anybody to go to the pub with there. Ah I always hate not knowing anyone in the beginning…

Sunday my dad and I picked up my grand-ma from the sanatorium and took her home. Boy was she happy! I guess she was in hospitals and at the sanatorium for 8 weeks. Long time! We took her out for lunch which was good but oh so salty and then back home. It was scary leaving her there and I hope she’ll be fine there for a while. The doctors said she’s healthy again and just has to go to her monthly heart checks but there was no need to move her into assisted living. So that’s good. 🙂 Thanks all for your well-being wishes!!!


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