I Wanna Have A Super Power!

… or any power at all for that matter. The electricity card ran out this morning at 5am and no one put a new card in. The f-ing box beeped for like 10 minutes and sleep was just super light after that. Grand…
You see, you can buy 5euro cards and 20 euro cards and those 5euro cards don’t even last 24 hours. Well, I put in a 20euro card on Monday night and that ran out yesterday morning so my roommate put a card in. Well, that card was of 5euro value. Now why anyone would put only 5euro in there I’m not sure. So it’s not my f-ing turn obviously to put a new card in there. I’m still 15euro ahead of her and 20 of the other guy. He’s not home at the moment though and she’s gonna leave for the weekend. Not sure if they feel like if they’s not home they don’t have to pay but damn, it’s their groceries that need some cooling, too.
It’s a really stupid situation and most definitely annoying! If it’s not gonna improve I’ll prolly have to move because electricity I just can’t live without.
So after work today I’ll have to get a new card just in case no one is there. Great… Suckers.


12 responses to “I Wanna Have A Super Power!

  1. oh gosh no power, that sucks truly. poor you! you have a card for electicity? that is so weird. and annoying. i hope everything works out love. big hug

  2. Power uses money! Live without power! 🙂

  3. that sucks. just keep telling yourself that they will be out of there soon and then you will MAKE THE RULES! 🙂 happy weekend!

  4. What a stupid system! How can you even come up with that? And 5 Euros for less than 24 h makes 150 Euros for electricity a month…for that we are having all our normal electricity, elheating our whole house and have warm water that’s warm whenever we need it. Irish prices…or are they generating huge extra profits with those cards? Have a great afterwork and a nice weekend!

  5. That truly is a stupid system. It would totally annoy me. I hope you can figure it out with your roommates.

  6. a powercard? what gobshite ! (uhhuh i am learning irish lol – when i should really be studying for the spanish test… )..

    oh and lovely lunch box too.:-p

    hope you are doing good over there with the paddys…. dont let the weather get to you


    Ps. nice new blog. do they have email newsletters like xanga? i really got used to getting my sanna news via mail (convenience and all)

  7. I am sorry, but this post kinda made me smile. I thought I have seen quite a bit but powercards definitely make the top 10 of odd things. Well, have yourself a nice weekend nonetheless…

  8. Powercards? Haha oh man, that is interesting… And they seem to run out fairly quickly, is electricity really that expensive there?

  9. YAY! Much easier to comment on than your other site. not sure why….YAY YAY YAY…I am sure IReland in February is a bit odd, but I am so jealous because the spring and summer will be amazing!

  10. Oh geese, that sucks! I hate it when people dont pay their fair share!

  11. huh? weird… never heard of a system like that.

  12. Hi hon,

    welcome to Ireland. Hoffentlich siehst du ganz schnell noch viele schöne andere Ecken. Spannend wie immer u ich freue mich auf die kommenden Blogs.

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin,

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