Apartment Viewings


I looked at two apartments last night. Nice Valentine’s Activity, huh? 😉 The first one was ok but kind of run down with cracks in the cealing and a vandalized lift door in the house. The girl living there seemed rather quiet and my gut feeling says no so I won’t take that one. The second apartment was nice. Not super clean but managable. I’d share the bathroom with a 21 year old girl who is a – take a guess – flight attendant! Haha! The couple that lives there seemed really nice and there’s a double bed and broadband so I’d take it if they want me.

Now, having seen these two places I’m really appreciating my en-suite bathroom and my desk and the internet connection in my room and the well-taken-care-of-ness of my aparment complex. But for meeting people and having fun I’m sure another apartment would be much better. So we shall see.

In other news, I feel kind of ill. My throat hurts and I just feel kind of under the weather with hot flashes and fun things like that. Got some lozenges from the pharmacy and guess what! No Dayquil here. Ahhh!

Alright, hope you all have a nice Thursday!


One response to “Apartment Viewings

  1. thats your lunch? that is awesomeness!! sorry about the throat and your unromantic valentinsday but i hope you will be ok. i send you a big hug and good luck with your apartmentsearch. feel better and rest your voice. kisses and love

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