More Thoughts on Moving

Well, I can’t stop thinking about this whole moving thing. Alas, just like when you’re thinking about breaking up a relationship, here’s a little pro-con moving list.

– No more electricity card shortage (though it’s been quite alright this week with both of my roommates buying 20Euro cards)
– No more waking up at 5am because someone turns the lights on in the hallway (though I’m sure I could put some carton over the window and eliminate the light)
– No more waking up at 5am because of the doors (they always slam close – not much you can do about it)
– No more cigarette bugs (Though Toni’ll be gone soon so that problem won’t exist anymore and the kitchen will be cleaner)
– My visitors could share my bed with me (but otherwise they could sleep on an airmattress, which wouldn’t be bad either plus they’d have a real blanket and pillows in any case)
– I’d meet new people
– More sort of living together with people and not living along side of each other

– Sharing a bathroom (think dirtier, potential problems with timing)
– Less proper and orderly place
– Less convenient internet access at the new place
– Less space
– No desk (I still have to finish writing my thesis remember…)
– I’d have to move (moving is always a hassle though I don’t have that many things)
– I already do feel kind of at home in my place because it doesn’t feel like someone has lived there before)
– There’s a hot guy in the office that sells those electricity cards
– I get visitors almost every weekend so do I really need to rely on roommates for company plus we’d have more space at my current place than in a new one
– No security guard on the property like in my current place (though I’m not too worried about that but then Ballymum (=bad area) is right down the road (in both current and potential new apartments)
– Less privacy at new place

Can you believe it?! Here I was all whining about my place and now I’m actually considering staying in there because I’ve gotten used to it and let’s face it – I’m not the youngest anymore *cough* and I like having a bit of privacy, too. Ahh! Someone set my head straight, please!


6 responses to “More Thoughts on Moving

  1. Hi Sanna
    Considering your pros and cons, I would recommend staying, especially since you wont stay that long in Dublin. The guy with the electricity cards is a huge plus too and privacy is definitely a must at our age. If you get really annoyed, just leave, have a glass of wine at some pub (meet new people there i think too) or whatever else you love doing. Btw, my skype is tine1710 but i am rarely using it since my computer happens to be ancient and has no microphone attached. Do you have some landline?
    *hugs* have fun

  2. first of all i have to ask how long you have to stay in dublin? if you feel ok there and kinda like home i would stay and don’t do the whole moving thing. but it really depends how much you hate the con’s and how much it annoys you there. if you can’t stand the place and it’s worth to move timewise then i would move. have a nice weekend sweetie.

  3. oh man. i dont know sanna. privacy is really important to me so id probably stay. btw.. i just noticed your picture on the top right.. very pretty!! good weekend 😉

  4. Hum I hope the situation with the electric card evens out in fairness for you. That sounds like a real pain in the arse. I never quite understood why anyone would have to use an electric card to get the most basic need for their home…as my ex-husbands place used this as well. It was a real eye opener for a spoiled American girl.

  5. sieht aus als wenn fuer und wieder gleichgewichtig sind. also vielleicht doch da bleiben? hmmmm. nicht einfach was? ich finde auch das privacy wichtig ist, und nen sauberer bathroom, hmmm schwierig. folge deinem herzen. 😉 knutsch dich

  6. When in London, I shared house with 5 persons and I shared bedroom with 1 girl and it was nightmare! I didn’t have privacy, as you mention, and I couldn’t do nothing by myself but always doing and attending “others” orders just because you have to be tolerant.

    But really, I suggest not sharing bedroom, having one for your own and if you-have to share the rest of the house it is ok but, at least, you’ve got some space for only yourself 🙂

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