Sunny Dublin

Woke up in shock yesterday: the sun was shining and that on a Saturday and not a work day! Woooohoooooo! Of course I had to take advantage of that and so I went to the city centre and strolled around. I had a nice walk up the Liffey River on the little boardwalk they have and then took the lift up to the Chimney – an old chimney of the Jameson destillery from which you have a beautiful view over the city up to the mountains. Gorgeous!
From there I walked to the south side of the river and got some Italian pizza wrap for lunch which I ate at Dublin Castle. Last time there I couldn’t find the castle garden but this time I did and so I sat on a little stone bench in the sun there for a while. Felt so nice to have the sun shine into my face and the warmed stones in my back. After a while I set off to Trinity College to get some more pictures with blue sky and the sun. I only hung out there for a tiny bit because my co-worker texted me and asked if I wanted to join her and her hubby for coffee downtown. So of course I agreed and we had a cup at the Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Centre. So beautiful in there as it really used to be a residence for this Powerscourt family. We also walked around it a bit to look around and Aly and Eamon bought a pretty painting at a gallery there. We decided to have some pints then because I hadn’t yet set foot into an Irish pub and so we did that. They serve Coors Light with ice cubes here! Talk about one cold beer! Never seen that before but it didn’t taste much different – just damn cold!

In other news, the Irish girl moved into the room next to mine on Friday night and we had a few glasses of wine together that day. She seems really friendly so that takes away another pro moving issue on my list. I also found an air mattress at for 30€ so I’m almost certain that I won’t move now. The people at the nice place actually offered me the room but I think if I move, I’m gonna move to a place with an ensuite bathroom. Otherwise I’ll stick it out here.

Alrighty, it’s another sunny day here so I’m thinking about going to Dalkey on the shore or do something outside anyways. Have a great Sunday!!
Edit 4pm: It got really gray and cloudy so I stayed home and relaxed. Should probably work on the diploma thesis now. 😉


2 responses to “Sunny Dublin

  1. Great that your colleagues thought about you and you finally got to go to your first Irish pub! And yay for the new nice roommate, hope the trend stays positive! Have a nice week, sweets!

  2. Aw, that sounds nice! Yay for nice co-workers and roommates. I’m sure you can stick it out. Nothing can beat an ensuite bathroom and a good glass of wine with a roommate at night. And if the others will move anyway, what’s the point, right? Alrighty, I’m off to see your pictures….

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