Sunny Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day everyone!
Pancake Day
In United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, Shrove Tuesday is known colloquially as Pancake Day. The traditional pancake is a very thin one, (like a French crêpe) which is served immediately and optionally sprinkled with caster sugar (confectionery, superfine or powdered sugar in the United States) and a dash of fresh lemon juice or alternatively drizzled with golden syrup or jam.

In Australia, UnitingCare Australia (the social services arm of the Uniting Church in Australia) has promoted Pancake Day as a nation-wide community event that raises awareness for the plight of disadvantaged people by raising money for UnitingCare’s work.

So of course I had to eat some pancakes today. You know, when in Rome do as Romans do or as in my case when in Dublin, do as Dubliners do. 😉 Well alright so almost as Dubliners do because I don’t have a whisk or a mixer at my place and thus I just ate the ALDI pancakes that you can see in my lunch box. 😀


One response to “Sunny Pancake Day

  1. I think I first tasted them in Sweden and then in Mexico hehe! I think I am not too traditional 😉

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