A Duh-kinda Moment

I just had something funny happening. Was watching “Almost Famous” (cute movie by the way). Now, imagine a nice song playing, sunset, some desert state in the US. A bus is driving towards the horizon and here I am thinking: “Hmm, kind of strange that the bus is driving on the right side of the road”. The Duh! realization of course sank in rather quickly…:D


5 responses to “A Duh-kinda Moment

  1. hahahahahahaah ! LOL yes!!! you’ll get used to it a month later 😉

  2. lol. as long as you drive on the right side;)

  3. hey sweety,

    first of all haha this is soooooo funny!I have a lot of those kinda moments too!=)
    thanks for ya sweet comment!
    Its so cool that you are in Dublin. its such a gorgous city. I really love it and I hope to visit my hostfamily in may so I was wondering if you´re stil gonna be there!? =) Have you been to Dundrum shopping center yet!?If not you should go!
    xoxo Caty

  4. Hallo Ms Sanna! You don’t fail to amuse us all :). I’ll be wondering that in a few weeks myself!

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