Sushi Makes The Heart Grow Fond

I spent about 2.5 hours in Tesco yesterday spending 76Euro on groceries and toilettries. Long live thee credit card! But you know how it is, you need to have a base stock of food at home and then things here are really expensive so it does make sense. I also bought a cork screw but I think I left it in the shopping cart, as I couldn’t find it anywhere at home in my bags. *sniff* Good thing that was only 2.99 but still – another night without good wine (as in without the cork in the bottle).
But yeah, I also got some surimi (those fake crab sticks) so I made sushi this morning for my lunch box. Its cuteness never fails to brighten my day at lunch time. Will upload the picture later. Can’t wait to eat it! Yum! Still haven’t found ranch dressing but I did find garlic and herb dressing which looked a bit like it so I’m trying that with celery today. Sorry for boring you but I love food! 😀
Anyways, after hauling all that home last night – my shoulders are still hurting – I just had some toast and tea and then watched 5 episodes of Sex and the City and briefly talked to my Mom but their phone line was kind of broken and cut us off. Oh I also chatted with an old roommate from Charlotte times. We used to always fight because he never cleaned but our chat last night was quite nice. Always good to catch up with old acquaintances.
This morning I am wearing one pair of my new shoes (black ballerinas) and I love them but unfortunately when I got to the office my one foot was bleeding pretty badly. Outsh! Good thing my company makes band-aids.
Oh and also on my way to work today, guess what I saw! A car with Hanover license plates! Home sweet home! Was pretty surprised to see one here.
By the way, the phots on flickr are from my walk to work yesterday just to show you the horrible sidewalk and all the trash that’s everywhere. Surprisingly, one corner looked much better this morning with only about 5 pieces of trash (we’re not just talking chewing gum but bigger stuff like cups, newspaper…) laying around. 🙂
Today’s agenda has a trip to Lidl on it because they have clothes airers (laundry racks) on sale and I need one. Used my last pair of black socks this morning and well, now one of them is bloody. Ewww! 😉
Alrighty, have a fabulous day and enjoy your lunches!


5 responses to “Sushi Makes The Heart Grow Fond

  1. Good we are approaching lunchtime, since your post made me really hungry! Your lunchboxes are always prepared with so much love! Oh well I have to be satisfied with my boring salad and sandwich. Your bentos do get me inspired though to put down a little more effort into the looks of my lunches, so that they can brighten up my workdays as well! Enjoy your sushi!

  2. oh my gosh, are those shoes too tight?? gross. 😉 oh i love food too dont you worry! i dont think 76 euros is not bad considering what groceries cost over here. i always gives me a little heartattack! alright buy yourself some socks! lol. love ya

  3. Haha yeah I feel like Cinderella’s sister, cut my heel off to fit in the shoe. 😉 However, one foot was alright, just the other one had to suffer.
    I guess grocery prices in the US are the same amount og money just in $ so multiply my 76 by 1.3 and we have 98.80. Yikes!

  4. you and your lunchbox = too cute 🙂

  5. I love food too so don’t be ashame lol I am with you hahaha

    Oh dear, long life to Tesco and yes!!!the credit card :):)

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