Another Weekend Gone By

Cheers my lovely readers (includes also those of you who don’t comment)!
I can’t believe it’s Sunday night again and I have to get up and go to work again in 9 hours (well getting up that is). Uahhh! Hate Mondays!
After being almost the last one in the office on Friday – I was also the first one to come in after our general manager because everybody was hung-over from some good-bye dinner that I hadn’t been invited to – I went home and then out again to buy some plants. Geez, you wouldn’t believe how complicated buying plants it! No direct sunlight, cold temperature, warm temperature, natural light, sunny places – ah these plants are needy! I finally bought one that was on sale for 3€ including a pot that doesn’t like direct sun and then one that is ok with direct sun but cost me a whooping 5€ plus a pot. My room is much nicer though now that the plants keep me company. 🙂
Saturday I went to the city centre to get some errands done before my friends invade the coutnry starting next weekend. I got the keys cut, bought an air mattress and a SIM card and some other things that I needed. Got a cute new umbrella! 🙂 Red with little white dots. I think I’d collect umbreallas like purses if I lived here permanently…
Back home I did laundry and it’s still drying on my “laundry horse”. My room was super humid this morning – nasty! Now I have to do a white load in a few days or maybe it can wait until after next weekend, when Juliane has used the sheets anyways. Hmmm.
At night my pilot neighbors came over and Elena, Francesca and I hung out with them for a while, sipping pink wine and chatting away.
Today I was wide awake again (Saturday too) way too early because there is street construction going on in front of my window. After a little lounding around the apartment, I took my camera and walked the 3.5 km to the National Botanic Garden. Walking around the area was nice as I got to see other residential areas of Dublin, which were a tad bit nicer than the areas around mine up here. Though I did walk through the ghetto “Ballymun” which was a bit scary in parts with broken windows etc. but they are redoing the whole area – I guess juppifying it a bit. Looks nice now.
The Botanic Garden was lovely, with an amazing palm house and cute squirrels. So yeah, took lots of pictures at the garden and then walked back north. Grabbed a coffee on my way but it was super nasty. I had figured I’d order an Americano to avoid crappy “normal” coffee but it was really rather gross.
Back home I tried making HDR photos out of my pictures and then the pilots invited me over for dinner and it was oh so delicous!! Also very nice not having to cook. 😉
Well, I’m uploading my pictures to flickr so check them out! 🙂
I hope your week is gonna be great!

PS: Yeah, it rained every day this week but I guess it’s so normal here that it’s almost not worth mentioning. 😉

You Are Strawberry Pocky

Your attitude: fresh and sweet
Comforting, yet quirky … quietly hyper
You always see both sides to everything

Your Irish Name Is…

Clara Nolan

You’re 15% Irish

You’re not Irish. Not even a wee bit.
Not even on St. Patrick’s Day!

And I checked the box that said “You start preparing for St. Patrick’s DAy in February! Hmpf 😉


5 responses to “Another Weekend Gone By

  1. I’m so glad you had nice fun exploring and being free!

    Umbrelleas, purses, and shoes. Noted to the mental Rolodex.

    Pilot neighbors?! Dream job! I’m so glad you’re making new acquaintances there. It sounds like you’ll need your mini tripod and some time to make a HDR photo, but that’s an awesome idea. Keep having fun and be safe, Sanna!

  2. That sounds like a great weekend! Good you got some plants to make your room a little more cozy and you got social with your neighbors! That should make you feel much more comfy in your new home! Have a great and less rainy week!

  3. so are the pilots hot? they can obviously cook, so that’s a plus 😉 i’ll have to check out the HDR-photo thing. maybe one of these days i will have time to actually do something “for fun” like playing around with pictures again… fingers are crossed for less rain this week!

  4. haha… collecting umbrellas like purses… that would be something! i am glad you had a good time at the botanic garden. you took some nice pictures, sweetie. hope you had a good start into the new week! 🙂

  5. Rain..every day….jikes. 🙂 But Dublin. WOW……I have never been and would love to see that city!

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