Cat Got My Tongue :P

As I wrote earlier, my accent is suffering big time. When I came here my English was perfect and everybody thought I was American and it sounded natural and I was able to talk perfectly fine without thinking and without accent!
Well, having been here for 24 days now, my English has started to suck! My tongue isn’t lose, it’s tensed up and I can here and feel my accent coming through. Wahhhh! I guess hearing everyone speak Irish English here messed up my American English big time but I can’t get my tongue wrapped around Irish English just yet either so it’s gone back to German English, which I haven’t had for more than 2 years now. Shite!
Good thing Richard is coming over next week so I can practise speaking proper English. Feel like I need to see a speech therapist or get a tongue massage lol. Prolly wouldn’t bother me that much if I couldn’t hear the accent myself and feel how my tongue is all twisted when I talk. Weird feeling! I need help.


5 responses to “Cat Got My Tongue :P

  1. i honestly don’t think you can do much about it, hun. when i came back from minnesota in 98 everyone thought i was from there. now, after almost seven years with C i have a california-accent. take it as it comes. and overall, accents are cute. that’s what i think 😉

  2. Oh well, we are just global girls and that’s reflected in our accents. After my year in Cali I had a nice American accent but the blending in of Swedish for some strange reason made me get back a German accent and even Jörgen got a German accent, too now! At least that’s where Englishmen think he comes from!

  3. Guess it’s time to come back to the states!

  4. lol. Just wait. Maybe in some days you will switch to an Irish accent. You could definitely confuze some people with that.

  5. oh relax. 😉 nothing wrong with having an accent. i have one big time, who cares? i am sure it would be much harder for them to try to speak german. and hey, its better to stand out. 🙂 i am sure you are just fine, dont let you tell otherwiese!!! love ya

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