It’s been a bad day…

…please don’t take a picture now, it’s been a bad day….

In the Dark - Day 5I took a picture anyways – actually two but the other one is almost disturbing. Trying to keep up with this 365 days project. The shit started yesterday as our electricity card ran out around 5:30pm and we didn’t have a new card. No prob, we turned on the emergency credit of 2€ and then my flatmate Tony wanted to buy a new one once the security guard’s shift started. Well, when he went there at 7pm, the guard had no cards left to sell. WTF!? We had power until I fell asleep but it went out pretty soon and this morning my milk in the fridge was luke warm. The office doesn’t open until 9am – the time that I have to be at work by. Well, most of the stuff in the fridge and freezer will be spoiled and needless to say that’s totally fucked up. We had a system going, it worked fine, but the management company’s system obviously is failing to work properly and I have to suffer damage from that. I don’t mind taking my shower in the dark and not being able to boil water in the morning that much but I do mind losing my groceries of about 50€ value, which I had to haul back from the supermarket getting all sweaty and losing precious time.
So I called the management company today and this biatch was totally rude. No apology no nothing. She was like “well, you should have had a system in place”. Äh yes, we have one in place and it worked. Their system didn’t as we couldn’t buy a new card. “Yeah well you should have had a spare card.” That was the one that we had used the night before so we wanted to get a new one but since the office closes at 5 and the guard didn’t have any more cards and we couldn’t activate the emergency credit a second time. We did everything correctly, they screwed up. “Well, I can only talk to my boss again but she’ll just say that you should have a system in place and keep spare cards” Are you fucking kidding me?!
And so much to the predjudice “The Irish are really really friendly and ready to help”. Uhu yeah – NOT.


9 responses to “It’s been a bad day…

  1. Ach Mann, I’m really sorry to read about your electricity problems 😦
    The only thing to safe your groceries is putting them on the window sill or balcony for once (if you have one). And your weather pixie just told me that its only 4 Celsius in Dublin… so it would work out.

  2. Oh man, this is outrageous. If they have a shitty system like that, they should make sure that you can at least – during “business hours” buy new cards on any given day.
    This is ridiculous that YOU should have had a system and therefore spare cards… WTF!?
    I totally understand your frustration, sweetie.

  3. Hey Hey Greetings from Shanghai 🙂
    Seems Chinese Authorities got alarmed as they read your complaints about Irish and their stupid electricity system…your blog is blocked over here. But hey, I have China experience and know how to access EVERY page 😉

  4. Oh sweets, this sucks! Especially how they handled your complaints! Anyway, hope you’re having a great day today!

  5. that is f*cked up. i’m sorry you have to deal with it, and loosing your groceries is bulls*it. i’m pissed at the “officials” right now, too. people sometimes suck major sweaty goat balls (excuse my french). *smoochie*

  6. This electricity system is system totally sucks. And then they are so meana nd unfriendly. It is surprising to me that they are still having people renting there. I hope you are better today! *hugs*

  7. uhh… WOW…………

  8. Hei Sanna.
    Sorry to hear about the probs with the ESB supply working in this house like this. Normally, one does not need any cards of any sort; tis only the greedy landlords’ way of making a few bob on the poor foreign tennants!! Have a Grand Weekend, anyway. Rii xx

  9. I am so sad to hear. That’s all I can think about. Keep a large amount of spare and have others pre-pay for the large value card.

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