March Marches In

Wow, March 1st already! Unbelievable! I can’t believe 1/6 of the year is already over. Time sure flew! In only 3 months, I’m flying back to Germany again. Not sad about that but I sure hope that I will have three awesome months until then!
Got groceries today and I refuse to get worked up again about the whole issue. Of course that woman never rang me back like she promised me. Well, what do you expect.
I also cleaned today and got the room ready for my lovely friend Juliane is flying out tomorrow and is staying until Wednesday. The funny thing is that she’s flying out on the same flight that my roommate is working on so hopefully she can get a better seat or a snack or at least a friendly welcome aboard.
Then Saturday we’re going on a tourist bur tour to Newgrange. It’s a huge tomb that’s even older than the pyramids. Sounds pretty neat and I hope the weather will be dry if not sunny. For Sunday Juliane wants us to go to Belfast so she can check Northern Ireland of her list of countries visited so we’re having a busy weekend. I emailed my ex about tips for Belfast (as he had once lived there) but so far haven’t heard back from him while at the same time I get a lot of website visits from Charlotte, NC but that might be someone else with an apple surfing around. Do I turn my exes into weirdos? Another one is doing scary stick fighting and I sure hope that doesn’t have anything to do with me. LOL.
Alrighty my dears, have a good night and a good weekend!! Smoochie!


8 responses to “March Marches In

  1. Have a great time with Juliane! Belfast…that sounds very exciting. Looking forward to your report!

  2. As long as the exes dont turn you into a weirdo-it doesnt matter. Greetings from Antje (ITS). We spent the last day hitting coffee shops and bars in Leipzig trying to catch up. It has been funtastic. This said, have a lovely weekend.

  3. Say hi to Julianne for me! I hope you 2 girls have great fun this weekend!

    Your ex’s being odd is their own fault! They are responsible for their lives; have no fear.

  4. Never made it to N.Ireland in the 3 weeks I spent on the green island. Hope you have a fun weekend!

  5. seems yesterday was such fucking day. No problem babe, you’ll have better days ( does it help ? not too much but it is the truth dear ) I wish you have 3 months ahead full of excitement 😉

    Oh about the exes…my exes ( if you could name them that way ) were kind of freak too, just one actually, but got the 100% of weirdness 😛 so you are not alone! haha

  6. I am checking your bento photos now and I am atonished how you are able to cook all that food… really: my hat’s off.
    I absolutly adorethe japanese food and I am not able to imagine cooking it myself plus the originality you put in each meal!!!

    congratulations. I am going to invite over here soon hehe 😛

  7. Well, one of those weirdos in Charlotte with an Apple is me, but I don’t visit your site that much… ;-)..

  8. Yeah michael but I think you are using Safari as a browser and not Firefox, or not? 🙂

    Miriam, Barcelona is one of the cities I really want to visit!!

    Thanks for the nice greetings Tine and Rich!

    Antje, I’m working on that report but I’m so lazy… 😉

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