Rain Makes Me Sick

Yeah, I think the incubation time is over and I’m now with a lovely cold including sore throat, drowsiness, cough and general ill feeling. Thank you bloody rain. Bought some Benylin at the pharmacy here as that was the only thing that has day and night capsules. Let’s see how it works. I just hope being away from Saturday until Monday this weekend will still be great fun!

Well, today was also the day that I had my phone interview for the trainee programm with my company. Good girl that I am, I had thought about some potential questions and good answers to them and had typed those up last night. I had wanted to print them and my resume out this morning before the interview. Well, when I got to the office and turned on my computer, I got an error message and couldn’t log on. Ahhhhhh! They didn’t fix it until a minute before the interview so I was all nerved wrecked. I had emailed the files to my work account but I have it set up so that my private mail is straight forwarded to a seperate folder. Well, I had forgotten that I included my own private email address in that one, too, so the files weren’t in my inbox and then my phone rang. Well, the number I had given them aparently didn’t work so the lady called my German cell and I had to give her my Irish cell number to get going.
The interview itself I think went quite horrible, like I didn’t even mention private labels when she asked about problems with retailers *sighs*. Then I couldn’t come up with good examples of where I had implemented something new or when I motivated people. Bleh. With all that IT and phone stuff going on it almost feels like some higher force wants me to not get this job.

Ugh, I have to do laundry tomorrow so Rich has some clean sheets for the air mattress, which is still inflated BTW so we won’t have to go through this pumping ordeal again. 😉 But I just want to read a bit and then sleep really early so I that this cold will get better or at least not get horrible but it feels like it is going to be one of those royal buggers. :-/

Oh yeah, I’m uploading the Belfast photos as I write this….


11 responses to “Rain Makes Me Sick

  1. Ah, I am sorry about the cold… and about the horrible phone interview [I think PHONE interviews are the worst anyways! It’s much easier to speak face to face with a potential employer!]… I am sure you still did pretty well. xoxo.

  2. actually i like phone interviews better. i hope you will get the job anyway, even though you arent satisfied with how the interview went. get well soon.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better now, since it’s Friday and Rich is visiting and being sick sucks big time! Sorry also about the interview, I hope it’ll work out – otherwise it isn’t meant to, because another opportunity you shouldn’t miss will turn up. Don’t worry too much and enjoy your weekend with your friend!

  4. oh no, hun. feel better real SOON! big *smooch* coming your way! 🙂

  5. now you know why i moved back to berlin from hamburg. i could not stand the weather anymore…sorry it makes you sick though. i hope you feel better soon, specially with the weekend coming up. poor hunnybun. send you some sunshine!!!

  6. sorry about the interview. Sometimes it… doesn’t work out and that’s it, do not think all over and over again about it 😉 next time’ll be better 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better!

  7. Get well soon, Sanni! 🙂 It’s the same here, everyone’s somehow coughing, sneezing or even vomitting (yeah, awful but true) – übrigens ein tolles Foto, Kompliment! 😉

  8. better yet? Ich drücke alle Daumen, dass das mit dem Trainee klappt. Sonnige Grüße aus LE

  9. Don’t worry, everything happens for a reason. If you dont get this job, it’s because something better is waiting for you just around the corner…

  10. not feeling better ??? 😦

  11. Hey Mäuseken,

    Hm…man hört ja gar nix von Dir…hoffe Dir gehts ganz schnell besser. Die Erkältungswelle scheint mal wieder rumzugehen- Dave lag auch die gesamte letzte Woche flach.
    Ich schick Dir ein paar Sonnenstrahlen, feel better! :-*

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