What Disney Female Are You?

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You scored 62 Independence, 67 Romance, 62 Loyalty, and 57 Practicality!
You are Ariel! Ariel is for some the ultimate disney heroine, the girl who defies everything she knows for the sake of love. While you care a great deal about your family and friends, and would never settle for a subservient, obiedient life style, love is everything to you. You are brave, cunning, a little reckless, with an enquiring mind and a personality all of your own, but you are ultimately a dreamer rather than a realist, risking everything you care about for the chance of a dream, something you long for. Your idealism makes you an utterly charming girl and your friends would follow you everywhere, but you do sometimes get into a bit of danger by not being cautious or thinking things through. You don’t listen to your parents if their advice dosen;’t suit you, which is good, you aren’t just a brainless follower, but sometimes a little wisdom would be nice. You also would leave your friendships behind for true love, even though they mean a lot to you. Luckily for you, everything will always turn out okay, because you are good at heart, but sometimes others despair of your single minded devotion to the one you love, although it is very romantic. Lively and fun, you can be a little naiive, but ultimately you are a determined and loveable person.


One response to “What Disney Female Are You?

  1. danke für die glückwünsche little mermaid 🙂

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