Flatmates – Episode 989 (at least)

Sometimes I really miss living with people who have regular 9-5 jobs (or on my own – PERIOD). I was in bed around 11:30pm last night seeing that I get up around 7:30am. Just as I was trying to fall asleep, my roomie who lives in the room next to mine came home and she was on the phone for a looong time. I had never really noticed how thin these walls are but I could hear her chatting and laughing and obviously could not sleep until she was done there.
So then this morning night, my flight attendant roomie had to work early and I guess she was sharing a taxi with her friend or so, as he was knocking on our flat door. Nothing bad with that but she didn’t hear it (I woke up from it!) and so after the 10th knock or so, when he was banging louder I let him in. Well the harm was done, I was pretty awake and kind of hungry so I couldn’t go back to sleep for about an hour. Yikes! Needless to say I was super tired when my alarm went off at 7:30 (but I snoozed it for 30 minutes… oy… that was one speedy breakfast).
Oh and while I’m bitching about them, she hasn’t bought an electricity card yet even though we have none left and are supposed to always have spare cards. She’d better buy one today, as I think she’s going home to Spain tomorrow. Argh! Well, half way done with them anyways…
Toodles and have a great, short week!


2 responses to “Flatmates – Episode 989 (at least)

  1. I hear ya on the “not being able to sleep in”-thing. Here’s my solution to the problems. Works for me! http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/detail?prodid=317536&previousURI=/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/search?page=3^Query=ear^ActiveCat=65^startLink=1

  2. I had terrible problems with it when in London: sharing house with 5 guys, none of them working morning shift so partying the whole night at home.

    Shit, shit shit. Fuck them all lolç

    I moved on, btw 😛

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