Unknown Celebrities

Last night I went to a party for my company’s sponsorship of a British TV soap here in Dublin. The location was a snazzy hotel by the river and there were about 200 people plus some local celebraties from the show. Too bad I don’t have a TV so I had no idea how anybody from the cast looked like. I had a fun time with my co-workers though, hunting for canapes and drinking Corona. My roommate was really psyched about my going to the party for the show so I promised her to take some pictures. I found out who the famous ones were and thanks to the beers I wasn’t shy to ask for photos. I met her, him, him, and him though he’s not part of Hollyoaks but is the lead singer of The Blizzards. I guess they all have to be somewhat big if they’re all on wikipedia, hmm!?
Anyways, after that party was over around 9 we headed to the bar for 2 cocktails – yay Caipi! Were able to grab some food, too, chatted a bit with Nick Pickard and then headed to some other bar/club place. By that time I was seriously drunk so I stopped drinking but the others seemed fine and had even more. Oh-kay! The place was deserted really – well it was a Tuesday night – so around 1am we left. Gosh I was soooo tired this morning not to talk about the tiny hang-over… Should have known though, no one was in work until 9:30 and even later. Of course I was there at 9:08 almost on time!
Well peeps, I’ll upload the photos later or next week as Michaellyn is comming tonight and is staying the Easter weekend. Weeheeee!


7 responses to “Unknown Celebrities

  1. Hollywood in Ireland LOL
    Bei Dir flattert der Besuch ja ein und aus…freut mich…dann wird es auf jeden Fall nicht langweilig und Du faengst an, Heimweh zu bekommen. :-))))
    Wuensch Dir viel Spass und schoene Ostern !!!

  2. hehe. ui famous people. my specialty. hehe. oh du kriegst besuch? das ist ja toll. geniess es ganz lieb und danke fuer deinen lieben kommentar. have a great easter hunny enjoy your visitor! love ya

  3. I love cocktails!!! Seems like you had a fun night and enjoy your easter weekend!!!!

  4. Oh Gott, ich war die letzten Monate so verstrahlt, dass ich ganz vergessen hab, dass du ein neues Blog hast. Nicht böse sein. Ich versuch jetzt mal, alles nachzulesen.
    Tut mir echt richtig Leid!
    Dein Passwort hab ich auch nicht. Argh, ich bin sooo neben der Spur! 🙂

  5. Sounds like you’re living it up in Dublin! I’m glad you’re having fun!
    Happy Easter!

  6. I’m so so excited for you! Every girl deserves a fancy night out. Spinny is funny :). Have fun with Michaellyn and say hi to her for me!

  7. heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, you are such a V.I.P !!! 🙂 that’s cool you were invite to that party, even if you didn’t know none of the celebrities, you can know say you were dancing and drinking with them lol

    I watched The Hollyoaks while in London, but it was 3 years ago, so I don’t know any of this actors/actresses.

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