Mi manca Charlotte tantissimo

I think I know why I can’t think of what I want: I already know what I really want but since I can’t really have it right now, I have a hard time thinking of other things that make me happy.
Cause damn it, I want to move back to Charlotte! I soooo miss living there!

Charlotte's SkylineI keep thinking I’d love to get some sushi from Ru’Sans or walk around South Park Mall or drive around the city or move into one of the many great apartments there and get a big cosy sofa or enjoy a nice day at the pool or BBQ with my friends or go to work knowing that I’m working to have a great life or just having a glass of fresh OJ while cutting out coupons or looking at the cute houses. Just the little things…
And I know that most of my friends aren’t there anymore but even when I had just gotten there and didn’t know many people I felt incredibly happy in that town. Gnarg!

Fingers crossed for this year’s green card lottery but damn, I need to think of something that I want to do here because you never know what’s gonna happen and if I’ll ever get to go back there and bla… DAMN!

But yeah, no denying, Charlotte is where I want to go and I don’t really care what kind of job I do there as long as people are nice, the work isn’t shitty, and the company pays enough for me to live comfortably.

Hard to focus on what I want to do instead or until when I’m back there… :-/


16 responses to “Mi manca Charlotte tantissimo

  1. Seems its not only me who wants to be back in the states right now!=)
    I´m “homesick” too and I try to figure something out to go back. I hope that you will go back to Charlotte and find a great job there!My fingers are crossed for that greencard!=)

  2. Oh, I totally get you… I have this feeling about Sacramento and I think you should try and do everything to go back there, if you felt that much at home. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Green Card lottery 😉

  3. awww i am sorry hun! i hope you will a greencard. only if i dont win of course. hehe. i m sorry you are homesick!!! i know how much that sucks. send you a big hug and who knows, maybe there will be a chance somehow and somewhen…love ya

  4. Hey, I know 4 people who have one a greencard, so your chances arent all that slim!! My fingers are crossed for you!

  5. have WON a greencard that is 😉 I cant spell today

  6. Oh man, I so understand how you feel! Really go for that dream!!!! I felt about San Francisco the same way since I left 13 years ago now, but never really tried hard enough to make a move back happen. I’m happy here in Gothenburg now but every once in a while I still would like to pack my stuff and Jörgen and move to Cali! So my fingers are definitely crossed for that Greencard!!!!

  7. see, i KNEW it. GO FOR IT! you’ll find a way i’m sure. if this is what will make you happy you need to make it happen. there’s gotta be a way besides the GCL. another internship? apply for a job w/ a german company? snatch M? 🙂

  8. my sister is feeling the same way you are but with London. Things will work out there if you, guys, feel totally sure although you don’t have many things tied up, but what you should be is totally convince about moving on and about being able to face, initially, different/complicate moments.

    Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. *laughs* so you applied too… guess who did too *grins* I completely agree. And of course i hope it will work out, i still want to see charlotte you know. hang in there. great to know there are other crazy people out there.

  10. I see many friends are in competition with you for the green card lottery, hehe. I am praying that you all win so there can be greater economic freedom for y’alls.

    I share in your pain except at a much reduced level and with not as much geographic specificity except that it should be southeast of Washington DC and within a 1 day’s drive of home. Hmm, now where could that be?! I’m sorry to hear about your heartache and wish I could do something to help. We’ll all be fine, we know it.

  11. being homesick sucks soooo much.
    fingers crossed on the green card lottery for you!

  12. wow you are surrounded by greencard hunters 🙂 i hear that chances are 1:13 so that is something, dont you think? GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Just a short and big and happy hello from Auckland, Newzealand. I am finally here, planning big and getting ahead. Lass es dir gut gehen. Cheerio

  14. Hi,
    Where is Ru’Sans in Charlotte? Will be there on a business trip in June and need to make sure I can “feed the need” while on the road 🙂

  15. i’ll keep my fingers crossed for the green card lottery…or perhaps you can fall in love
    with an american…like my hubby did…but alas, we eventually ended up back in

    i know what you mean about the little things…i too miss fresh oj..and the coupon thing
    got me laughing….i was the biggest coupon cutter…i loved the sunday paper!!!

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