It Reigns My Life

Where as it= the evil diploma thesis. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday reminiscing over it and writing and editing it. I finished two sub-chapters of the last chapter – three more subchapters to go. *sighs* I can’t wait to be done with it. I doubt that the thesis’s great – it actually sucks but I hope my professors aren’t paying too much attention to that small aspect. 😉
Friday was really nice though. My co-worker A and I went to the city centre after work and then took the Luas (Dublin’s tram) to Heuston Station. That Billion Dollar Babes event was near there in the Museum of Modern Art. Great location!! The sale was so/so. I think I prefer TJ Maxx (or TK Maxx as they call it here). I did find a cute cardigan with silk though and the free cocktails beat TJMaxx any day. 😉 Also got some free candy and a pink ribbon pin after donating some to the breast cancer society.
Afterwards A suggested to go for some Chinese in Parnell Street. She was all worried that I wouldn’t like it or that I’d be scared by the area as it’s the ethnic neighbourhood. I loved it though and also got some shopping done at one of the local Korean stores. Got me some wasabi nuts for my lunch box and then we had a greaaaat meal. Super cheap, too! We had prawn dumplings and some Asian pickles and then beef with black bean sauce and more shrimps and fried noodles. Of course we didn’t finish that all!! A group of big Korean girls (always weird to see obese Asians for some reason) was doing karaoke next door. Boy oh boy… 😉 Good entertainment!
No mail from the KCC but my sister did get a call from a potential host family for her au-pair year. She was super excited but I had to talk her into liking the idea of staying with them. Come on, Austin, TX with only one 4th grader and a pool in the back yard and a family that likes healthy eating. Doesn’t sound bad to me at all!! I think she’s just waiting for something like New England, 1 child, an extra maid and chef, a great car for herself, tropical vacations with the family, etc. ;-). We’ll see. Sounds like one of her friends actually has a family like that but you all know that that’s not a guarantee for happiness. But anyways, I’m all excited for my sister and she’s cute being all scared of calling them. Hehe! 🙂


5 responses to “It Reigns My Life

  1. hi sweetie, i love tj maxx, gosh i leave half of my salary there every month. hehe. oh your sis wants to be an aupair? send her to me so i can keep an eye on her and the “evil” family. 😉 good luck with the thesis. oh gosh i feel your pain. enjoy your week sweetiepie.

  2. wow, that’s pretty exciting with your sister. i totally remember sh*tting my pants when i had to wait for THE CALL from the family. that’s scary stuff when you’re young and innocent 😉 happy monday 😀

  3. I think Texas sounds exciting- it’s typically American and with one kid going to school she should have enough free time on her hands to discover her surroundings too! Did I mention my sis is going to England as an au pair…they’re growing up so fast *sigh* 😉

    Good job for working on the DA!! Almost done 😀 drück dich Süße!

  4. Isn’t it scary to think that you’ve realized your topic’s deficiencies in the time since you started it which isn’t but a fraction of the time a Ph.D. candidate spends on his/her thesis? Scary!

    I remember seeing the IMMA down St. John’s Rd from the Heuston Station while walking to Guiness Storehouse from there (I’d have taken the Luas 1 stop more to the James’ stop, but it changes zones there and I was too cheap to pay the 0.20 Euros more, haha)! I’m so glad you girls had such a nice time being beautiful.

    You’re almost there: you’ll finish perfectly. Much luck and much love.

  5. once again..your in a new country and you manage to find asian food..that really gets
    me thinking…i do miss a big city with diversity…i’m getting sick of tyrolean food and
    our 2 chinese restaurants..but at least we save money by not eating out! luckily we’re
    off to wien for the weekend, where i will get my share of asian food!!!

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