Ready for the UK

I’m sooo excited about going to London! My bag is (almost) packed, I put my remaining 6.44 Northern Ireland Pounds in my wallet and the travel guide is packed up. Yay!
I’m a bit worried about meeting up with Rich on Sunday because I haven’t heard from him at all and he had said he’d text me once he gets there. I also called the hotel he had said he’d stay at and they aparently don’t have a guest there with his name. Ahhhh!
The tooth seems better today. My family tried to get me in at my dentist’s when I’m in Germany in two weeks but the lady is on vacation then. Hmpf!
I’ve written a bit of my thesis today- yay. But I’m waiting for an email from both my professors who will be grading it. Need these emails to actually get the official go from my school. Arg, why does it always take them forever to reply?!
Anyways pals, I’ll be back late Monday night (that’s our May bank holiday) and share the stories with y’alls!


12 responses to “Ready for the UK

  1. Hallo Sanna, sag mal bist Du auch im IRLAND Forum? Schoenes Wochenende. Bei uns ist gerade “irland wetter” -es regnet 😉

  2. man, i just realized that with your sticky post up there, in my rss-feed it always looks like you haven’t updated so i haven’t checked in for ever… duh. me’s blond, you know 😉 have fun in london! *smoochie*

  3. hallo süße! viel spass in london! neid!!!!! lg Franzi

  4. okay…just submitted a comment but it won’t show…weird. again: have fun in london! NEID!!!!!!!! lg Franzi

  5. hello “pal” hehe
    take lots of pictures for us to look at in london and ENJOY!!

  6. Have a great time in London!

  7. have a great time in london, sweets.

  8. YOU KIDDING ME ????????????????’ O_O it can0t be possible! I mean:

    a) you are European
    b) you are such a traveller
    c) you’ve been in many many maaaaaaaaaaaaaany countries

    AND YOU HAVEN’T BEEN IN LONDON??? no way! IT IS A MUST on a traveller guide!!!!!

    Glad you are finally doing the step! 😛

  9. have a great time in London!

  10. oh you are going to london? i am so jealous!! i always wanted to go! sniff. cant wait for the pictures!!! big hug. oh i just saw that you are already coming back today, oh well then i hope you had a great time!!! big hug and love ya

  11. Hope you have/had a great time, honey!

  12. Oh no, I caused such worry! I sent the text to the wrong # and gave you the wrong hotel’s #, but I finally reached you just before you left, so whew whew. I learned much and hope I ended up saving you overall stress :).

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