Keeping Busy

Don’t feel like blogging right now but let’s see what comes out of it anyways 😉
Just a small recap about the weekend and other things interesting enough to be worth writing down.
Friday after work I picked up my friend Anke from the airport and we spent a nice night chatting. Felt like a girly sleep-over. 🙂 Of course Saturday we did touristy things. I made her look at the Book of Kells with me but it was much better than I had anticipated. Well made presentation of how they created the book and then of course the old library of Trinity College was really impressive. Reminded me of Harry Potter.
Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and coffee from Starbucks. Well, we had wanted to go to the park and eat it on a bench but it started raining (this is Ireland afterall) so we settled for standing in front of a pub with a smoking awning. Later we continued our tourist tour and walked along the regular places like the castle, Ha’Penny Bridge, Christ Church Cathedral… until we had dinner at Shan Indian Restaurant. The Chicken Tikka Masala and especially the Channa Masala (chickpeas) was gorgeous and of course we had to have a Mango Lassi, too. Yum! I much prefer this Britainized food to most authentic Indian. Or was that authentic, too and just from a different region?! Who knows!
Sunday we went shopping at Dundrum Town Centre, one of Europe’s best malls aparently. The tram ride there was fun and my was that mall nice! Great stores and both Anke and I got some tops and a belt. Clothes are the only thing that’s not super expensive here really. We actually spent about 3 or 4 hours there and after sitting down at Starbucks (again!) we headed back to the city centre, got some souvenirs and then went home.
Had a lovely dinner of penne with tomatoes and bell pepper after I had nearly gotten a heart attack because I thought we had loads of food for dinner but didn’t. Well thankfully Anke was fine with just pasta and veggies without sauce. We then just hung out on the sofa, watched Pride and Prejudiceand drank our cider/shandy. Great weekend!

The week has been fine so far. I got a new project at work that I was working on late today. Was sitting around much of the afternoon but then of course had to do that around 4:30 then and wound up staying there with my boss until 6:30. Ah not too bad but I don’t like working over-time when you were free all afternoon really.

Tomorrow is only half a day for me (hopefully) and then I’ll pack my suitcase and Thursday at the crack of dawn I’ll fly home for 4 days. Yay! Not looking forward to riding the train up to my home town from Frankfurt as I’m sure it’ll be packed. I couldn’t even get a reservation when I booked my ticket for it. :-/

One of my professors finally emailed me about grading my thesis. Yay! I think I might have the other one’s email about that somewhere in my outlook from last year so hopefully they’ll accept that, too, and don’t want a recent one…. I set back the counter to August 15th because of that whole email issue but either way I want to hand it in end June/beginning July depending on when I’m allowed to (you have to be signed up for it for at least 6 weeks).

Ah well, for not feeling like blogging I don’t think it turned out too bad now, did it? My nail polish on my toenails is dry now so I’ll hop into my bed and read The Devil Wears Prada.for a bit. Really enjoying that book.
Smoochie my dears! :-*


6 responses to “Keeping Busy

  1. awwww you went to Dundrum!!!oh how I miss that place!!!Isn´t it the best place ever!?or at least in Dublin!I lived really close to the mall! I always walked up there!!!!!

  2. Hej busy girl! I see you had another great weekend! Mmmh gorgeous, britainized Indian food 😉 I just love it! And Mango Lassi is the best! My Indian friend Sukanya talked me into ordering a normal Lassi last time at a restaurant, but it was way salty and just too authentic for my taste! Alrighty, have a wonderful, exciting, happy weekend in Germany!

  3. Ohhh back to Germany ? 😉 back to Massimo ? mmmmm you have to keep us posted, girl !!!! 😉 whatever it happens, it’ll be nice to be back home for a few days 🙂

    about the movie… I have to say the English was very difficult to me! I had some troubles being able to comprehend every little thing :S

  4. sounds like a nice and yummy weekend, sweetie. some good food you grabbed. i love indian food and am sad i rarely get it over here in my area.
    have a safe trip to germany and enjoy the time with massimo;-) i wanna know it all afterwards, please.:P
    and hope your toe nails weren’t sticking to your blankets:P

  5. O Sanna O’er the Seas (and now, 2 seas), you’re so nice to blog even when not in the mood :). I’m so glad last weekend was so much great fun and hope this weekend is/was as great. Don’t be troubled, we love you lots.

  6. HUHU SANNA! Gruesse aus Dublin! War heute den ersten Tag in downtown Dublin. Echt nett! Supernett die Iren und das Wetter ist sensationell :o) Wie gehts Dir so? Freust DU Dich schon auf zu Hause?
    Schreib mir doch ein Mail -meine e-mail hast Du ja jetzt. lg aus DUBLIN 3, Symone

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