I Love Germany

Being back in Germany was so exciting! Everything was in this luscious spring green and the temperatures were much higher than in Ireland. Ok so when I landed in Frankfurt the clouds were hanging so low they were touching the trees in little cloudstrings and people don’t say sorry when they bump into you but they do try not to run you over unlike people on sidewalks here in Ireland. 😉 Having made it to the central station in Frankfurt, my mouth almost dropped because lunch rolls/bagels etc. cost about half of what they are here. I hadn’t been able to get a reservation for the train seeing that it was a holiday and probably booked out months earlier but I was lucky enough to get a tiny seat even though coach 7 (the one without reservations) wasn’t there. I had a group of fathers on their way to Berlin for father’s day sitting around me and they happily offered to share their beer and sausages with me and we chatted all the way to my town. And they were German! Nice! That was actually the second time I got free beer on the train – seems like Germans aren’t as unfriendly as I always always make us out to be.
So I got home fine and on time(!) and I relaxed a bit at my parents’ house and then my step-dad and I visited my Grand-Ma who was in hospital (she’s fine and back home now). We came back and cooked a delicious dinner of porkroast, asparagus and potatoes. Yum!
Friday I took the train to Hanover for the wood working trade show Ligna. I met up with my friend and we walked around for a bit until he had to take care of some customers. So I explored a bit more myself, looked at some artsy things made from wood, had some lunch and watched timber sports. I definitely need to remember the Ligna fair as a great place to find guys, there were maybe 20 women in total that I saw (other than the hostesses of course). 😉 Anyways, met up with my friend again and talked to a couple of his bosses and then we headed to Bad Nenndorf where their hotel was. Hung out for a bit and then went out to eat some weird Italian food for dinner. It was supposed to be Spaghetti Carbonara but was more like Spaghetti with half-raw eggs. The pizza was yummy though.
Saturday I slept in and then we headed to Hannover, checked my friend in his new hotel and then started looking for some breakfast/lunch at 2pm. Luckily there was an Alex right outside the hotel. We were too late for breakfast (wahh) but lunch was fine, too. We walked around the city for a bit but the stores were so hot and I was feeling kind of weak from the weatherchange and lack of sleep so we headed back quite soon. Hung out a bit more and then Massimo drove me home where we had a quick dinner and I gave him a tiny tour of my city. Had a cup of wine with my parents and then I just fell asleep like a stone. So tired!
Sunday I slept in a bit and then packed my bags and tried to sort through some of my things. I don’t know why, but every time I come back from a trip, my closet is still full. A pile of mail is also awaiting me and I don’t even know where I’m supposed to put all my things. Arg! I go through my clothes every time I come back from somewhere and still no space! I’m at a point where I don’t want to give away any more of my things because I’m only left with the ones I like. Ebay…. big bag full of Beany Babies, books, CDs,…
My Mom made a rhubarb cake for me (yay!) and we sat on the porch in 26C sunshine and ate it with whipped cream. Oh so nice! I just caught my train in time (they closed the Autobahn and the cars were blocking the city) and this time coach 7 was there and I got a seat all the way to Frankfurt. Got into the S-Bahn (commuter train) and some British guy sitting opposite of me asked me if it was the one to the airport. I said yeah and we chatted for a bit. So we get to the airport and he asks me to show him Terminal 2 and bla. Then he’s like can I give you my card and nice girl that I am I of course say yeah. Well, he doesn’t hand it over, he sticks it into the backpocket of my jeans. Yikes! Weirdo. Also very nice that it’s one of those free to print out cards and looks really weird. Well, ego boost nonetheless. 😉
Made it back to Dublin and now I’m working working working. Seems like my to-do list is getting longer by the minute.
So overall, I had a lovely weekend and had a great time with my friend. We still get along super great even though he’s not the nice, good guy he used to be anymore. Talk about Americanization!


7 responses to “I Love Germany

  1. I also noticed the prices difference 😉 I loved being in Germany and buy bread with a few pennies!!!

    I also enjoyed that country very much… and see I only was in Münster! imagine Berlín, Munich or Stuttgart!

    BTW, I saw Massimo’s pictures, He is very hot! go for him lol or bring him to Spain haha! 😉 just kidding, u know 😛

  2. Hehe seems like you had a great time in good old Germany! I love Germany more and more each time I get back! I actually do find the service better than in Sweden and also the people more open-minded and friendly! Swedes are not unfriendly but also not very talkative and open to strangers. And certain things like doctors visits are so beaurocratic here … And I don’t even have to mention the prices. Who would have thought that I might say this after my return culture shock when coming back from the US? But still Sweden has it’s good sides, too, just like Germany, France and the US. Enjoy your last days in Ireland!

  3. I am so jealous. I wish I could take a weekend trip to Germany *sigh* and it sounds like you had so much fun… with Massimo as well [although I expected some more details ;)].
    And did I get this right? You’re a breakfast person like me?? I prefer any breakfast over lunch…. LOL … and you made me totally long for rhubarb cake with whipped cream 🙂

  4. Your happiness to be home is so cute! I love it! I’m so glad you got cheap and yummy German food and nice time home with the family and your boy. Sannie’s right: we want details!

    I know just the feeling of the ever-growing paper pile, growing todo lists, and daylong work rush. But, first, lunchtime! Much love.

  5. massimo is your ex isnt he? details!!

  6. *hugs* I add myself to the curious crowd girl. Hope you are doing great.

  7. oops i guess i missed some of your entries.
    like sannie said: we all expected some more details about you and massimo.

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