Last Minute Dublin

Well my days here in Dublin are numbered so when my company sent me to the city centre to do some field research yesterday of course I used the opportunity to check off some of the touristy things from the list. So once I was done with my research, I headed to the National Museum and toured that in half an hour. Well, I had been meaning to check out the Tara Brooch and since there’s no admission fee I did that. Cute museum, of course totally lame after seeing the British Museum earlier this month. The guards/guides were super friendly though and this one guy showed me where that brooch was and told me the hole story about it. Irish kindness. I actually bought a book at their store because I’d been meaning to get one on world history that’s short and with loads of pictures to read up on that since I feel like I know shit about history and this one looked quite good.
Looked at the parliament building from the outside and took a peek at the National Library and then even had time to walk around most of the National Gallery. Not a big fan of religious paintings or the ones with huge people and fat women in them but they did have a Picasso and a Monet and a couple of other nice paintings and hey it was for free. 😉
I then wandered off to Merrion Square to take a photo of Oscar Wilde’s statue, which looked quite cool. Also managed to buy a bodhran (Irish drum) stick for Juliane’s friend as she had asked me to and to get some groceries at the Asian Market. I had figured that the streets were packed anyways and heading home would take just as long as just staying in town a bit more and taking a later bus. So I did that, picked up a cheese pizza at ALDI and then was wrecked. Exhausting!
So happy that it’s Thursday already. One more day until the weekend! Yay! I rented a car for Sunday and will head up to Northern Ireland to look at the Giant’s Causeway – the only thing that’s still on my “want to see list”. That’s gonna be the 4th country I’ll be in this month…. Wow. 🙂


3 responses to “Last Minute Dublin

  1. Wow, you are 1 crazy girl! You’ve done everything and a half! Amazing, amazing, and and Giant’s Causeway. I hope you have a great time and definetly be safe. Much love.

  2. Hey, my days in Vienna are also counted. Looking forward going to Dublin!!! So see ya at the airport, right??? :o)

  3. Wow! That’s all I can say about this blog post! 😉

    Will you ever finish going to school? 😀 😉

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