Dublin – My Bittersweet Symphonie

Just got back from town with my co-worker Andreina and her husband Simon. We had such a great time drinking a beer at the Market Bar and then having Tapas and Sangria at Havana. That place where Havana is (all the way south from George Street) is amazing and full of NORMAL people (well as normal as they get around here ;-))! Well, I had to catch the latest bus back up north where I live unfortunately… The thing is, everytime I have a nice night out in Dublin I really think that I could have had an amazing time in this city had I just lived closer to the city centre. Yeah some days it’s smelly but you’ve got all the pubs and bars. Of course had I had a group of people that knew their way around here to go out with, too, probably would have made a huge difference. Dang. It’s days like that when I curse at my office for being so boring and never going out after work on the weekends (and we’re all around the same ages more or less). Everybody just lives in their own kind of bubble. Roommates aren’t better cause they’re working weird shifts. Just saw my one roommate go out with her sister and another girl when I got back but no invitation along. Bummer. Well, actually might be safer to stay in tonight. There’s a helicopter circling over head and a police car with 4 guardi stopped some drunk guys that were walking on the sidewalk in front of me on my way home and they got them the pet down. Yeah, looks like it’s just another night in the ghetto.

Anyways, the whole point of this entry is that I’m sure I could have befriended Dublin much more, had I been in a different area and had a group of people who could have taken me to all the cool places that only locals know off. Bummer. Makes me feel really bad or almost regret (though I couldn’t really have done it any different) how it all went and how I’m not a big fan of Dublin even though it does have its fun parts. But hey, it’s been hiding them from me pretty well.

Oh and to my defence, another typical Dublin story that comes back to mind, just as I start to feel bad about not liking the town that much: When I walked to the bus stop this evening to get to town there was this guy leaning over on the side walk and he was just puking like a mad man. Sooo nasty! And it was 7pm.
On the bus back to my borough this guy sits down next to me. At one point he takes out his cell phone and starts talking: “Ja hi, naja mir geht’s ganz gut nur langweilig ist mir. Die Stadt gefällt mir nicht so. Total dreckig hier und so” I was like huh?! Well he was still on the phone when I had to get off the bus otherwise I would have totally said something like “I know how you feel” in German to him. But I just made him get up so I could get out of the bench and then said “danke” and just smiled at him. Should have seen his face! 😀

Ah well, good night world!


7 responses to “Dublin – My Bittersweet Symphonie

  1. Ah, sigh, alas, the time is near its end. I’m sad to hear your area never clicked with you and believe it’d been radically different if you lived, say, within 1 km of the city centre, but don’t toil in regret. I’m really glad you got the chance to have so much time in the country and would gladly visit again!

    Drive safely today!

  2. Hi Sanna! oh I so know what you mean. I feel the same way with NC, just because I do not know anyone besides my colleagues from work, so truly exploring the fun part of it is difficult. Yet, I haven’t really tried either. I guess sometimes it just goes like that, so we both shouldn’t blame ourselves. I am sure we still learn something from it:-) I wish you an awesome weekend though! love, Franzi

  3. Hey Sanna, das ist ja ein trauriger Eintrag. Schade, dass dir DUBLIN nicht so gefallen hat. Also ich war ja nur ein paar Tage dort und bin eigentlich schon sehr begeistert. Ich wollte ja gar nicht mehr zurueck :o)
    Trotzdem noch eine schoene letzte woche!!! Lieben Gruss, Symone

  4. although I had a greta time in london, i am sure if I had lived in teh city, I would have enjoyed myself more than I did! living at 45 minites by tube doesn’t give you too much chance to enjoy the london spirit! however, it was such cool time over there!

    don’t blame yourself, u couldn’t help yourself out! 😉

  5. It’s sad that you have to realize that you could have enjoyed your time in Dublin so much more. But on the other hand at least you had so many visitors come over whith whom you had a great time exploring the country! So it could have been better, yes, but it could have been worse, too. You made the best out of the situation!

  6. Isn’t that the typical dilemma when you’re about to leave one place? I know that. It’s no use to accuse yourself, you already pointed at it: there was not much of a chance to get more in touch with others and therefore maybe the citylife. You took so many wonderful pictures while you have been there, I guess it couldn’t have been too bad then… 😉

    Thx for crossing fingers! 🙂 Und frohe Pfingsten übrigens!

    P.S.: Der Typ is’ ja der Hammer, da hätte ich mir auch nen Spass draus gemacht… *gg*

  7. Hey, could you please e-mail me the password for your protected post if you don’t mind? Thanks. 🙂

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