Almost Perfect Day

I had an absolute fantastic day with very many blessings. Well I got up and it rained… yeah not good but by the time I was ready to go to the airport, it stopped. Got to the busstop nearly dry – well of course this one bloody Irish driver had to go extra close to the sidewalk to splash me with puddle water – asswhole – but other than that everything was fine. The bus came only a minute after I got to the stop and I got a seat. Yay!
Even though I had only rented a tiny car (think Opel Corsa 3 door) I was given a brand new Peugeot 207 with 5 doors. Now, the 207 was always on my list of cars I’d really like to try out because it’s on my list of cars to consider for when I’ll buy one some day. So yay! The car only had 700km down so it was pretty awesome to drive. It was kind of weird to drive a car that has a kmh speedometer in a country where they use mph but I didn’t trigger any of the traffic cameras so my little cheat sheet must have been correct. The nicest thing was, that at one point, the roundabouts before Belfast got super confusing and I had no clue where to go really. So I stopped at McDonald’s to use their facilities and ask for the way but of course the Asian worker didn’t know it. A guy in the parking lot though tried to explain the way but then was like, ah I’ll just show you. Follow me! Suuuuper nice!! I definitely found the Norther Irish much nicer than the Republic Irish Irish living in Dublin. So yay, another blessing!
Traffic was alright all the way up north and the sun even came out. Amazing because the forecast had said rainy and very windy. Well windy it was but sunny! Yay! I drove along the Antrim Coast for a bit, stopping here and there to take a picture and then got to the Giant’s Causeway, my main reason for the trip up to Northern Ireland. The whole coastal area there was just amazing! The cliffs were stunning and then the causeway itself was definitely something as well. Cool to stand on these rock formations and watching the waves crash in. Even though there were loads of people around you were still able to enjoy yourself so that was nice.
I was then lucky again because I got the last tea from one of the shops before they closed. That was definitely needed as the wind really made me feel pretty chilled.
One last stop at Dunluce Castle and then I made my way back south. I had been thinking of going to Londonderry too while I was up north but my eyes were already pretty tired so I decided against it.
On the way south it started to rain majorly again but the sun was still up on the other side so we got this gorgeous full rainbow with even a quarter double ray. Breathtaking! Ireland really is a great country for seeing amazing rainbows and not just these rainbow segments you see in Germany most of the time. So yay, I love seeing rainbows and it was great to see the point where it started just in the field next to the road.
Had dinner in Antrim at Red Panda, which looked like a normal Chinese restaurant as in quick and cheap but it was a bit more fancy and the food was pretty good. Super fast though, too, I ordered my food, went to the loo, and when I came back out my food was on the table. And I wasn’t in the loo for hours! 😉
I finally got back to Dublin after a good 3 hours of driving but I was lucky again and the police didn’t catch me and lucky again, I got a parking spot over ground right in front of my building (and there are only 4 spots there). I was getting really worried that all these blessings today were trying to make up for something horrible that was to happen later on but luckily I banged my head into the wall when I came around a corner (don’t ask…) so now I’m not too worried anymore. 😀 Oh and also, my harddrive is full again and I can’t fit all my photos from today on it so I’ll take that as the bad reason why all these good things had to happen to me today ;-).
Well now, good night! Y’all sleep tight and have sweet dreams!


7 responses to “Almost Perfect Day

  1. What a fun fun time! I’m so glad you took a drive up and are back safely. The Asian at that McDonald’s near Belfast reminds me of the nearly all-Asian staff that rainy night at the McDonalds at Omni Centre. The rainbow also reminds me of the one we saw while returning from Galway. The loo, the duvet, such cool British and Irish terms. I see CO flies EWR-BFS (Belfast, UK) non-stop, but my wanderlust will have to wait. Much love.

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I am glad to hear that you could see some more beautiful areas, that will make you keep the green island in good memory even if not everything was as perfect as that last trip!

  3. THAT sounds like a wonderful day! 🙂
    Glad you got home safe.
    Any chance I could get you pw for the entries?
    Rainy greetings to wonderful Dublin!

  4. pls send me an email with the password again, i cant look it up cause my aol email account has been cancelled and i wanna know DETAILS 😉

  5. congrats to the perfect day;-)

  6. Hi Sandra, sounds like you had a blast in Northern Ireland.

    I always get so worried driving in foreign countries. You did so well!

  7. yeah i need the password as well. schnell schnell! oh my i am glad you had such a great time! always good to have a lot of blessings. hehe. i see you are very adventerous. nice! come and visit me soon alright??? love ya

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