Summer in The Village

We finally had those temperatures that I’d been jealous about while I was in Ireland. 28°C in the shade today and of course my room had lovely 28°C, too for a while. Great outside but inside… man…. I totally forgot how quickly my room heats up – talk about two huge windows to the south side and wooden floor. I totally enjoyed sitting in a recliner on our porch today though and having dinner (huge chicken wings, cabbage and fries – yum) outside was sooooo nice!
Also unfortunately with the heat the bugs arrive. My grandparents had a huge hornet in their bedroom today but I saw it from outside in the window and made my step-dad get rid of it. Then, my parents have bribed our neighbors’ cat to live with us (catfood and being allowed inside plus on a couple of sofas did the trick). She lays on the sofa for half of the day and the rest she roams around outside and collects tics. Well, those yucky tics decided to not stay on the cat and instead crawl around the house. I was watching telly on Monday night and the next morning under the shower I came up with a nasty little tic from my butt. Yuk! Must have crawled from the sofa into my pants. Damn low-rise jeans. Ugh, I just hope the tic didn’t lose any legs or so in my skin. I hate the buggers!! Oh yeah and to complete the critter story, there’s a huge spider in front of our window here in the office (where our computer with the ISDN line is *sighs**misses high speed internet*). Super nasty and the bloody insects keep flying into the net and the spider attacs them and yuk….

OK enough boring stuff. I’m in the process of calling my friends to tell them I’m back but a lot of them don’t answer the phones or I get weird messages from their phones… Hmmmmm screening their calls ;-)?
Tomorrow is lunch with my dad and other than that I’m being good about my thesis and help my sister with her homework. She’s such a sweetie: “Learning vocabulary with you is fun” “Uhm you mean it’s the least annoying if you study with me as opposed to the rest of the family?” “Nah, it’s actually fun”. Awwww. Watch out, by the end of my time here, she’ll have turned into a nerd… ;-D


9 responses to “Summer in The Village

  1. ah dang… i hate insects, too. i am really glad we don’t have any bugs/mosquitos or anything here in LA. there is the occasional little spider, but i can handle them… 😉

    btw, i always loved englisch grammar and vocabulary, too… does that make me a nerd? i can imagine though that studying with you must be fun 🙂


  2. i love your new layout!!!

  3. Those bugs give me the creepers! Eek! I hate spiders as much as you and am experiencing the similar effects in my house. I curse global climate change. I hope you neighbor’s cat will eat all the bugs.

    Your sister is motivated, that’s the real difference! I’m so excited for her trip. I hope her nice town treats her well.

    Your new layout rocks! The mere change is itself nice. It’s also nice to not have the rollover-pop-along.

  4. hme sweet home… a least, u are having a very warm welcome ! which is cool 🙂

  5. Seems like you’re accomodating really well at home. There’s nothing better than having dinner on the porch when it’s such nice weather! But oh the bugs, I can so hear you about them!

  6. Seems I win the “inside-temperature-bingo” with a tad more summerness: 29°C 😛

    Nice to hear you’re doing fine home again. Concerning them bugs – look at it that way: they just seem to like you as well! 😉

    Time to mix the next Pina Colada… 8-D

    So long!


  7. hi schnegge. willkommen zu hause! mensch insekten, eklig. ich bin mit mueckenstichen uebersaeht. juckt wie sau. aber nunja, schoen wie du dich um den nachwuchs kuemmerst, grammatik gruselig, wem macht denn sowas spass? hab dir lieb. ;0

  8. so you were watching telly, hm? man, you’ve been on the green island for too long… 😛

  9. Hey Sweetpea, It was great talking to youtoday. You are really creative with your page. I feel horrible that I didn’t read the 43rd thing about you until now…you know why! Miss you lots and can’t wait to see you again! Firecracker

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