Things I Appreciate About Germany

– The newly warm summers with temperatures near 30°C in June (and from what I hear also in April). Yay global warming – harr harrr (Hope it doesn’t get any warmer but then again, we only have June, how’s August going to be?!).
– Most (new) cars now have airconditioning and my parents thankfully have one car with AC and Mom wants to get a new one WITH AC – Yay!
– The variety of frozen pizzas is amazing! Even in the US, the country with mile long shelves and gazillion different types of cereal I couldn’t find as many different types of frozen pizza.
– Same goes for cheese. I hear there are more types of cheese in Germany than in the Netherlands!
– Same goes for tea can’t beat that either and I’m sick of Irish Breakfast Tea!
– People don’t seem as rude as they usually seem to be when I come back from the US. I guess maybe the contrast to the Irish isn’t as big as to the Americans.



11 responses to “Things I Appreciate About Germany

  1. yeah, isn’t it great to compare countries to each other 🙂

  2. Freut mich dass Du wieder gerne in D bist. Irische Gruesse!!

  3. Hot weather requires more violent storms to redistribute the heat: hang onto something tight! You remind me of how another lady friend says her travels make her like her hometown more. It was strange when she liked LA, famous to being the subject of many bad jokes, more than her hometown. Unfortunately, your mentioning all those delicious foods forces me to go eat and stop commenting. Much love!

  4. Hey, glad to see you’re home! Cute new change to the blog, and I hope you catch some blue skies soon!

  5. Since we have cheesecrust-pizzas aside from those Pizzahut-ones we’re somewhat emancipated in that aspect, yes… 😀

    I still think Germans can be really annoying, but well – that’s maybe also a zeitgeist issue. People get hasty, impatient and more arrogant all the time as it appears sometimes. (can tell ya, my time at Budni taught me a lot concerning that).

    Cute picture on that tractor!

  6. You came back at the best of times…summer starting, landscape in full bloom! I think most people are in a better mood and much nicer then. And you might be more positive and happy because of all the sunshine, too!

  7. couldnt agree more!!!!! love ya

  8. i am so with you! when i go to a supermarket and look for pizza i see cheese, pepperoni, meatball, thats pretty much it! how lame…

  9. Sounds like you’re really enjoying Germany right now! Some of the things you mentioned I really miss too! But NJ isn’t too bad either. And I am probably gonna meet with Scott soon. Thanks for connecting us!

  10. German food is certainly something that I miss here in the U.S. – even little things like Milchschnitte and Kinder Pingui. 🙂

  11. hahaha..the cereal aisles are just a faint longing memory that i sure do miss…especially as a kid…it was like a toy store looking at all the sugary breakfast treats that went on for eternity…i complain to my hubby that grocery shopping in the village is not quite as fun…i guess if i was into wine it would be exciting…but i miss my cereal aisle 🙂

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