Over the course of the week I probably sent out about 15 applications. Got some rejections, got some call-backs, had to do an online test (what do you hate most about jobs? -To work weekends, to work long hours, to work early, to work alone, none of the above (uhu)) , scored one interview, and am of course still waiting on lots of replies.
But, what has happened twice now is this: I applied for a marketing associate position via a recruiter. They called back the next day, which is super quick as you all know. First they ask me if I’d be in their city one of these days for an interview, as they don’t reimburse you for travel expenses. I suggested a phone interview first. OK so we do that. “What industries would you exclude from your jobsearch?” Easy: “The tobacco and the armory industry.” “Well would you consider starting in a temping contract and then receiving one with the company after 4 to 6 months if they like you?” *thinks uhm wait a sec, that’s what a probabtional period is for in this country* So I say “Well I can’t really answer that question without knowing more details about the position and the company.” So she grabs her file on that position and reads that it’d be some retailer and the position is in the department responsible for Genussmittel (stimulants) – ah wait a sec, are tobacco goods not part of that department?! Anyways, and yeah they’ve split the position now and they’ve filled the marketing part of it (after this ad had been online for 3 days? Wow, quick….) but they do have the half of the position that’s for Team Assistant! Yay! Secretary work! Uhm no. Didn’t go to school to be a secretary.
Almost the same thing happened with another recruiter yesterday. Do they just try to trick you into sending a qualified resume to then make you work as an overqualified secretary?! Ugh! Evil scheme!
But yes, I’m going to an interview in Frankfurt next Friday and the HR guy sounded really nice and not like he’s hiding something like the recruiters ;-). I’ll stay the weekend in town to visit my girlfriends. Woohooo! Long live interview tourism! Well I am paying the train ride with my Bahncard so it saves the company 50% and still costs the same regardless of what day I go back home.

In other news, I had been thinking about going to China in mid July to visit Ally and Doreen but Doreen has visitors all through July and Ally leaves her place July 20th so I couldn’t just push it back into August and now it doen’t look like I’ll be able to go. Dang! Alternative would be to go to only Thailand with Ally but man, I’ve been meaning to see China for ages now. Though I think Jöran still lives in Beijing… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


11 responses to “Recruiters

  1. What can I say – jobsearch at its best. Reading between the lines is always mandatory, those descriptions always sound pleasing while the requirements often go through the roof (not older than 25, job-experience, diploma + 3 languages).

    Crossing fingers for the interview in FRA! 🙂


  2. I’m doing interview tourism on Monday! I’ll combine 4 purposes into 1 trip into NYC. Have a great time in FRA and hope you keep asking your awesome, pointed questions. You’ll do great.

    I hope you finalize whether or not you’ll go to China! You deserve 1 awesome travel as your graduation gift.

  3. too bad i dont live in FRA anymore, we could have met for a cup of coffee. good luck on friday, what company are you interviewing with if i may ask?

  4. Oh… how well I know the “hidden administrative positions”.
    I hate when they picture it out like: “you’ll be the super assistant of the marketing director!… you’ll have a trainning course in the marketing department!… ” really? ha! secretary stuff…which is ok if you have studied for it…

    anyways, hope you hear back from some suitable and proper job for you 😉 I wish you luck!

  5. Oh, I remember all that too well….Wishing you the best of luck in Frankfurt!

  6. fingers are crossed and i’m SURE the perfect job will come along! any news from NC?

  7. i am sorry to hear you have to go through all that. i can totally hear ya that about being annoyed of all that. my fingers are still crossed that you will find something cool very soon and don’t have to go through all those interviews anymore. chin up

  8. hehe. china…you crazy thing. 🙂 i hope something comes up somehow. good luck for the interview. thats awesome, you must be excited. i know i would be. i dont like recruiters either, but hey who knows maybe one day they will be helpful. 😉 love ya

  9. Good luck with the interview!

  10. My fingers are crossed,too…thumbs and big toes are gonna be squeezed and I hope, you’ll find THE job which will be perfect for you. 😉

  11. your too smart to fall for those recruiter schemes! good luck in frankfurt…interview tourism sounds great 🙂 … hope you get to eventually visit china…my close friends are there now…they go about twice a year and now they are awaiting to adopt their baby girl 🙂

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