Good Weekend in Bankfurt

I realize I’ve written a lot of protected entries these days but hey, you never paid for getting 100% insight into my soul and brain and this is my blog. 😉 Some things are just not ready to be known to the world yet so have a little faith in me.

Anyways, as the heading suggests, I spent the weekend in Germany’s financial center, in Frankfurt am Main. I got invited by a company to introduce myself there and I figured it’d be wasted money if I don’t spend some time in town while I was there. I met with my old friend A for coffee and we chatted for a while until my family unfortunately called and made me do some crazy things. That morning it had been my sister’s graduation from high school (yeah unbelievable… she’s growing up and got a brain, too) so I drove my mom’s car to the train station and they were gonna pick it up with their spare key and take it home. Well, turned out my sister had lost her keys including the spare car key that god-knows-why was on her keychain to begin with. The car was standing there in a 1 hour parking zone and now they wanted me to overnight the key. OK so I’m just a bit annoyed that A and I have to leave the nice cafe and find a post office but you know, shit happens. Of course the line at the post is looooooooong. Half way through my mom calls me again to tell me to cut a copy of the key in case the post loses it. Uhm ok so we leave the line again and try to find a locksmith. Found one but he doesn’t have the right keybase to make a copy. Nicely enough he saves us a walk to the other one by calling and asking if they have one there. They didn’t. So another call to the family and we’re allowed to mail it without making a copy. Back to the long-ass line at the post office. Had a real nice post officer who actually gave us a bubble wrap envelope for free when he saw that I had wanted to buy a box and then we were finally done. You’d think my sisetr would say thank you for making it possible for her to drive to some music festival the next day and in the process kind of ruining the afternoon with the girl that was my bestfriend in middle and high school. Nope, no thank you at all and I had to ask my family to give me back the money I paid for the overnighter. Tzzz!
Anyways, enough bitching about that, I’ll just remember for the future.. Muahaha!
So after that episode, I met my friend K and after retrieving my bag from the lockers at the train station we headed to her place. She just moved to Frankfurt this year and she’s got this amazing apartment. We got some groceries with her boy (if you’re curious about how it feels for an American to live in Germany, click on that link titled Frankfurt Files on the right) and just hung out and cooked a lovely coconut chicken curry and had that with our friend I. Chatted until midnight and then just slept looong. More relaxing in the morning with nice breakfast (sorry D my stomach just wasn’t ready for eggs then ;-)) and then we met I at Starbucks in the city center and relaxed some more. I also got the tour of Frankfurt, which was kind of messed up by the Ironman event’s stages but I still got a feeling that Frankfurt is an alright enough city that’s quite livable. Water always adds a big plus to a city and walking along the Main with the skyline on the other side was just plain nice. You’d think a big city like Frankfurt would offer all sorts of food but it took us forever to find a place that was a) not way too redlightdistricty or b) too fancy=expensive. We finally settled on Chinese and I won the contest of ordering the best dish (though everyone had been eyeing it on the menu anyways, I just made the call) but even K’s sad peanut chicken was quite good. 😉
We finished off the day at a cocktail bar where we had to wait ages for our waitress to come by and she was bitchy about it too but we still got the happy hour deal.
Sunday was more relaxing with another great breakfast (yum those pancakes!) and K’s boyfriend giving me lots of great advice on negotiating salary in case I’ll ever have to… *rolls eyes*. Then it was time to catch my train again and I even came to the station to say bye so that was sweet.
Oh yeah the train ride…! My reservation was for a seat in a compartment (cause the normal seats were booked out) and this guy sitting accross my seat had his feet up on my seat when I got there and he was really big. Didn’t stop being annoying the entire train ride with putting his fat legs everywhere and dropping his big magazine on my feet without saying sorry and then hitting everyone in the compartment with his backpack. Everyone was just rolling their eyes at him. Ruuuude!
Anyways, I’m back home. Had lunch with my Dad yesterday, which was nice. My friend J came over on Monday night and I made sushi for her. Also finally got my deposit from my apartment in Werni back after calling them again. Yay, I’m rich now! Happy days 🙂


11 responses to “Good Weekend in Bankfurt

  1. Don’t worry about the protected entries – that’s just your business, you’ll know which people shall know stuff and which not, that’s perfectly OK. Hope everything was OK last night, the connection broke down – was a bit surprised… * have a great day! 🙂

  2. sounds like a fun trip to frankfurt and i can’t believe you didn’t even get a plain “thank you” from your sister… and good you got some info on salary negotiating – i suck at that stuff and it must be even worse at an entry level. *smoochies*

  3. Sounds like you had a good weekend in FFM, in spite of the big f**k up with the car key. How was the actual interview?
    I can say that Frankfurt is better than it’s reputation, I liked living there (even though only for 1,5 years).

  4. ahhh i miss frankfurt!!

  5. Can you believe how sad that chicken looked?? Ah well. Glad you made it here and back home safely – that guy on the train sounds like an idiot, you should have *accidentally* dropped something on him :-p – you’ll have to come back when everything is decorated 😉 Drück dich Mausi!!

  6. hey, sounds like you had a good time in ffm. and your sis? lol no words. and no comment on the deutsche bahn of course. hope you make your way to frankfurt. that means you are a lot closer to me:-)

  7. right why didnt you drop something on him? rude. thats germany for you. LOL. i miss germany, sniff. good luck with everything and i am glad you had a fun trip!! love ya

  8. Your friend, K and her boyfriend, D sound like really cool people. I’m sure they enjoyed your company too. By the way, I heard the contest was under protest and there was a re-vote- the guy who ordered the coconut curry chicken ended up winning… weird!

  9. Your friend, K and her boyfriend, D seem like really cool people. I’m sure they enjoyed your company too. By the way, I heard the contest was under protest and there was a re-vote- the guy with the coconut chicken curry was the winner…weird!

  10. Your friend, K and her boyfriend, D sound like really cool people. I”m sure they enjoyed your company too. By the way, I heard the contest was under protest and there was a re-vote. The guy with the coconut curry chicken was the winner…weird!

  11. Bankfurt thanks you for your newly earned Euros!

    I’m so glad you girls got to hang out and spend quality time together.

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