Back to Work

… on my thesis. My ex roomie sent me the proofreads yesterday so I get to edit the last chapter now. Yay! She’s the best! Looks like I might actually be able to hand the thesis in beginning of next week. Woot!

The weekend was nice. Went out to town with my friend Jenny and her co-worker on Friday night and we had cocktails – without alcohol since we always have to drive back to our villages – and then went to my town’s crappy little club where we had great laughs about the free freakshow there and danced. Fun fun!
Saturday Anni was in town so Jenny and I met her and her boyfriend for coffee. Took us hours to catch up on how things are going and on what old school mates are doing now. Love my girls! Now my town only needs a place like Starbucks…. 😉
Sunday I actually went to my Mom’s sportclub’s Katerfrühstück (hang-over breakfast) which is usually the end of a weekend long celebration of sportclubs, firebrigades, shooting clubs etc.. Of course I went for the free food but the old chaps were also kind of funny and made me dance with them so it was quite alright. Well someone had to drive my parents home anyways ;-).

I’m also in the process of auctioning some things off at ebay and my two last auctions went realllly well – so happy. Need to get rid of some more stuff but I’m always so lazy to put the stuff online and figure out the postage… Well, first priority is my evil diploma thesis anyways…



10 responses to “Back to Work

  1. good luck with that thesis. and yea ebay. i am trying to make some money as well. hehe. good luck sweetie! big hug and a kiss

  2. Yeah, good luck with the thesis! While you’re at it, would you mind trying to sell Kati’s big, ugly yellow couch? It has a really sleek design.

  3. haha i can so relate to the free freak show. i always feel like that when i go to a club in my hometown. haha..but sounds like you had a nice time catching up. i still miss starbucks or anything like that over here.
    good luck for your thesis and that you are done with it in the time you wish for:-)

  4. Yay, soon that evil thesis will be out of the way! Fingers crossed that everything works out!

  5. Yeah, good luck with your thesis! While you’re at it, would you mind trying to sell Kati’s big, ugly yellow couch?

  6. very responsible from your side not drinking because of driving.

    10 points 😉

  7. Yay, one chapter to go! Well done.

    Today I finally got my grade. After three month, pressure finally helped. Only average grade though. Anyway allover is alright.

    You have a good final proofread and wait for an awesome grade! CU!

  8. wow…your at the tail end of your thesis!!! what are you going to do to celebrate when it’s handed in???

  9. Congrats!
    It feels awesome once you’re done, reliefed, happy… finished!
    Good luck on your job hunt. hopefully, you’ll get something you will really enjoy vs just the first job

  10. The last stretch, that’s quite the accomplishment. Kick ass on it.

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