All of a sudden summer came back. From 15° or so to over 30° in 2 days. Yeah great. But at least it’s not raining anymore and skirts and shorts are back out of my closet. Yay! Now all I need is a pool ;-).
Tomorrow is my great-aunt’s funeral. She passed away at 82 after having laid in bed for about 4 years now. My mom is very upset as it was her god-mother. I can’t say I knew her much but seeing that my mom is so sad I’ll go to the funeral, too. Still debating about what to wear. I take it a black bikini is out of question but man, it’s gonna be hot in the midday heat in black clothes. I’m thinking about maybe a navy skirt and a black tee; that should be fine…
Last week I went bowling with my friend Jenny and her colleagues. Funny thing is that one of our old classmates now works with her and he was bowling, too. It’s always nice to meet old high-school mates again. Oh yeah and I totally sucked at bowling…. 96, 77, 64. Yeah enough said… The 96 is fine but the rest… oh boy… Need to play more than once every 2 years I guess 😉
Oh I also finally called Steffen, a college mate who lives and works in my town now. I said we should meet up and do a little Werni-Reunion so hopefully we’ll do that later this summer.
Nothing definite at the job front yet but things are looking well and with loads of finger crossing I’ll have a nice job soon. Oh yeah, I never heard from the company in Frankfurt again. Hmmm. Well the job isn’t my thing anyways I realized but still weird to not have heard from them at all – they did reimburse me for my trainticket there, though. Ah well, doesn’t matter. 🙂


11 responses to “33°C

  1. 36° here… – long time no chat milady 😉 I guess I’m guilty, have been flying around the clock the last days, I already feel like living in that damn plane. 😀

    Still crossing fingers for a job, promised. Maybe I manage to update Xanga the next days, but I feel like that tasmanian devil of the looney tunes right now – steadily rotating… 😀



  2. after 4 years in bed, hope she rest in peace.

    Dammit, it is too hot over there! I heard about the cold weather considering it was summer, and my sis was in Amsterdam last week and she told me it wasn’t as warm as in Spain. But those sudden climatic changes ! aaarrgghhh it drives you crazy and makes you fall ill !

  3. Funerals in the middle of the summer = suck… but you have to go, I am afraid.

    My fingers are still crossed for a nice job 🙂

  4. sorry about the funeral…when i die i want people to wear happy clothes because i dont want them to be sad, but oh well, lets hope i wont have to plan my own funeral quiet yet. 😉 try to get away from the heat,we had it hear last week, it was crazy. big hug and a big smooth

  5. Wearing black clothes on a hot day is what I call being a strong girl :). Go be a good daughter, now!

    Your bowling scores are in my range. I think we should have a bowling contest to compete for the lowest rung.

  6. I think we hit the 95 F today with a triple digit promise prior to the weekend… and humidity of over 90%… I need my AC…

  7. iwant a picture of you for my website!!!

  8. this heat is killing me…and i’m from cali??? i guess it’s the heat and humidity that i’m not used too…plus, with all the farmers spritzing their meadows…let’s just say bella says, “ewww..mommy..cow poopoo stinks”…

  9. Well, it’s cold here and it’s raining a lot. Pretty usual for Oregon, but not in July. I guess we are down to the 70s now. So if you want to have a break from the heat, get over here. 🙂
    Sorry to hear that your great-aunt passed away, but after 4 years lying in bed,…boy. It was probably a real relief for her.

    My fingers are still crossed for your future job. Hope you’ll find it soon.

  10. i can only agree that funerals in the middle of the summer suck. but i guess if she laid in bed for 4 years you can nearly see it as a gift that she finally fell asleep. i would wish that for my grand aunt who is in bed for 2 years now. and i don’t think that that is life anymore.

  11. Oh, my fingers are crossed for a job. 🙂

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