Not Much Going on

No wonder I’ve been so lazy about blogging, nothing’s happening here really except some job things that I won’t blog about publicly though. Went to my grand-ma’s with my dad yesterday after having bugged him long enough about going there with me. She seems like she’s come back well from her stroke and heart-attack last December. We went grocery shopping for her and then had some yummy Eichsfelder coldcuts lunch. Mmmm! Too bad I couldn’t fit anymore in my tummy, would have loved to have tried that liversausage, too.
Hmmmm, whatelse… I hung out with Juliane on Saturday. They got a new puppy and he’s too cute! Went on a walk with all their 3 dogs and the poor old one kept trotting behind but at least she did walk seeing that she hadn’t been able to do that before.
My old roommate from Hamburg also called me (well both of them did but I mean the one that works as a journalist). She wants to shoot a story about that genetically manipulated corn that’s being tested on a field near here and we gave her a couple of contacts to talk to. Well turned out all these organic farmers that are soooo against the field don’t want to appear in front of a camera for who knows what reasons. Come on, they have an opportunity to get their point accross and they don’t want to do it… uhm-kay (oh and it’s not private TV, it’s a public channel, too). Ah well.
Oh yeah I’m supposed to write that Marc and I were on the phone for ages yesterday and it was nice to catch up with him. 😉
This week I have a couple of appointments. Dr.’s on Friday, hopefully hair dresser, too, then Saturday my step-dad has his birthday party and then Sunday I’m going to Hamburg with my Dad and maybe I’ll watch his soccer team (HSV) play or maybe not, then I’ll go straight to my friend’s place where I’ll stay the night before I have an interview there.
Alright, I’ll stop boring everybody now… toodles!


4 responses to “Not Much Going on

  1. okay and where’s the protected entry with more info??? 😀

  2. yea seriously? 😉 i want insider news. hehe. love ya hun

  3. good to read from you. i missed your entries… but i do understand about the “blogging mood”.

    yeah, so where is the protected entry with more info??

  4. Hehe! I got all the secret stuff, while I was talking to her at the phone! 😉
    @sanna: It’s nice to heart hat you were supposed to write the fact in your blog! I didn’t force you to much, or did I? 😉

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