No No and Yes

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and I went with the intention of getting confirmed that my asthma has been really good and I’m basically fine for some disability insurance. After waiting an hour, even though I had an appointment, I spoke to the doc and she had my lungs’ functions tested after giving having me get a quadruple shot (yay for multiple protection in one shot). Well, it turned out that my lungs are only having about 75% of normal capacity right now and some test was even at 65%. I was like “huh?! Nooooooo!” as I really do feel great and my nordic walking is much faster with less huffing and puffing than my Mom’s who does loads of excercise. Ah well, maybe I just didn’t do the test right but either way, I’m gonna have to take some cortisol twice a day now. Fun fun. Not! But if I feel great now, imagine how I’ll feel after having taken that medicine for a while.

In the afternoon I went to the hair dresser to have my hair trimmed. Uhm yeah not too sure what to think of what she did. She just cut shorter and shorter and I was like, uhm… ok way enough. I mean my hair was way too long but I’m not really happy with what she did to me. Hmpf! No!

But yes, I got my flight confirmation and I’m gonna fly to Charlotte in 1.5 weeks and I’ll stay three weeks to relax, hang out in the pool, see all my friends again, shop, and drink loads of sweet tea! Should be fun. Yay!


10 responses to “No No and Yes

  1. Charlotte!! How exciting, cant wait to hear how things will go 🙂

  2. honestly, before starting cortisol (!) i would get a second opinion. especially since you feel great. i’m sorry but that stuff is from hell and has a lot of sideeffects. and i don’t trust most doctors anyway…

    and WOHOOOOOO for charlotte!!! 🙂

  3. well, it seems kind of odd that they want to give you cortisol, even though you feel fine. mmh…

    hey, i am so excited for you about going to charlotte! way to go! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Hey, good to hear you’re going back to NC…

    just vacation or got a bood bite professionally?
    Have fun!

  5. i agree with kim, get a second opinion babes.
    i am sorry the hairdresser didn’t respect your wish. i hear that so often. and i still don’t get why people do that.

  6. I checed your foto blog and I liked the way you had your hair cut! I think it is trendier than before, very well done !

    ooohhh great about going to Charlotte! because u’ll get to manage the situation in situ 😉

  7. yeah for charlotte! and please get a second opinion before taking that med! sorry about your haircut, but i am sure you look just as pretty as usual. love ya

  8. I would go for the second opion with the Cortisol,too and wow…you are gonna fly to the States. Cool…have fun and a good flight !!!

  9. ops I meant ..opinion LOL

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