Busy Weekend Recap

Seems like it’s constantly raining here – yuk! My cold isn’t getting any better either with this shitty weather. Ah well, I’ll be in the city of 30°C next week so it might be nice to be used to cold AC like temperatures. 😉
Had a busy weekend. Saturday we had the TV team here and shoot a little clip about the genetically modified corn field near us. A farmer friend said a few things and my step-dad, too and it was nice to see my old roommate who was the journalist for this little production. I might be in it, too depending on how they cut. Go see it on NDR next Monday 8/6 at 20:15 in Markt.
Right after that we celebrated my step-dad’s birthday with good food and lots of family friends until 2am.
Sunday my dad gave me a lift to Hamburg and we had wanted to see the HSV soccer match but surprisingly that was sold out. Hmmm. Well, I then went over to my friend’s place but I did feel bad for my dad who had only driven up because of that. Oh well. I met Anke at R-Eis, a milkrice bar. Super cool and man I should have taken a photo of the interior design I absolutely loved it! Had some pear-cinnamon rice and a latte macchiato for 3,50€. Gotta love student eateries. We then trooped back home after dropping of her sister at the train station. Bloody rain. But a cup of tea and rattatouille warmed us back up and we enjoyed some TV and chatted.
Monday I went for my interview, which was alright but kind of weird “Well you have all the qualifications (lists everything), what do you want here?” and “We don’t really have a strategy here” and well it was all kind of weird. Don’t think it’s my cup of tea. Afterwards I got some cake and a croissant at my favorite bakery and we hung out some more and then I took the train back home. Of course I got in with a 20 minutes delay but I still made it to the dentist before they closed and she said my tooth is fine, it’s just a crack with a discoloration. I love my dentist. She calls me with my first name and always asks what I’m doing now and my sisters and my mom and blabla. We’ve been going there for more than 10 years now and you know how villages are. Anyways, I’m glad it’s not caries. Yay! 🙂
Oh and about the cortisol, it’s actually not that bad when you inhale it. My doc talked about that with me, too. The pills are a real bitch but I only inhale a thousanths of the dosis and the biggest side-effect is some mouth fungus from the transporation particles and not even the corticol itself if you don’t rinse your mouth afterwards. Well I brush my teeth right after inhaling it so that should do the trick.
Alrighty, hope you’re all doing well! Smoochies!

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4 responses to “Busy Weekend Recap

  1. i hear ya about the weather changes make you sick or not better. i have throat pains since a couple of days, which is no wonder.
    hope you get well soon and good to hear about the inhaling thing.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on lately!? After all is said and done, maybe you’ll become a medical expert too! Btw, don’t forget that I’ll be your representation regarding any salary negotiations (ha ha).

  3. I am so happy for you that you’ll be in warmer weather soon… 🙂 What kind of job interview did you have in Hamburg??


  4. talk about colds lasting forever. i gave in yesterday and got me antibiotics after trying to “sit it out” for almost ten days… need to be well for the wedding on the weekend. 🙂

    still can’t believe you’ll be in charlotte so soon. exciting. and i have a good feeling about this. i think i predicted something in that direction months ago… 😉


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