Not So Boring Weekend Afterall

Well I thought my weekend was gonna be really boring but it was actually quite fun. Friday night after some Harris Teeter sushi I hung out with an ex co-worker and his wife and we caught up on all the company gossip there ;-). Great stories! I was like “WHAT?!” more than once…
Saturday after sleeping long (only until 10 actually but better than during the week) and relaxing in my PJs I met with some friends and we got some food at The Philosopher’s Stone. Hadn’t had BLT for a while. Yum!
All that greasy food didn’t stop me from getting really really drunk at some bar later on with more of the gang. Kind of nice to have a place to walk to and not having to drive. 😀 Couldn’t o to bed right away because those long island ice-teas made it spin just a tad bit too much. I think I was sitting on the sofa for almost an hour just waiting to sober up a tiny bit. The next morning at 9 I was still drunk – which was much nicer than the hang-over that started around lunch time. Yugh. Giorigo, who had slept in my roommates bed, and I went out for breakfast and of course we run into my ex boss who kept talking about business in Italian… era troppo presto per l’italiano… but I have to say I’m understanding more and more as time goes by (though sometimes I just ignore it and don’t listen as it’s really hard…).
Got back home then and had rest for a while cause that hang-over had started to kick in (but thank you Alker-Seltzer for saving me from worse) and then I cleaned the house and did some laundry. We have the coolest laundry machine and dryer I have ever seen in the states! 😀 Front loaders rock and so does this person who has unprotected wireless internet access. Thanks whoever you are!


2 responses to “Not So Boring Weekend Afterall

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Good to hear you are doing fine in the States.
    Have a good week!!!!

  2. Thanks to whoever he/she is!

    My mom saw the Whirlpool Duet and LG WM-series front-end loader machine at Best Buy and she’s totally excited to get one as soon our old one breaks, but our old one is 20 years old and still works as good as day 1. Maytags lasts forever, especially as built in the US with all-steel construction.

    I’m so glad you had such fun. Travel back safely!

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