Byebye Oma Auguste

Yay first time that I got to go online from home this week… our neighbor’s unsecured wireless signal is really NOT strong… It works for my roommate’s new macbook but my crappy old Microsoft wireless card is not digesting it well.

Overall this week was really nice but it was overshadowed by my paternal grand-ma’s passing over. After three weeks in hospital (which I didn’t know she was because my dad tends to not tell me things like that….) she died early this week. Good timing I dare say as at least that way I’ll get to go to her funeral when I’m back in Germany. I’m sad she’s gone and I feel horrible for my dad – I’m basically his only close family left – but I think my grandma is happy that she’s passed over to the other side and in her believes close to her daughter again. So not too much mourning, I think she’s had a great life and made the most of it and that’s the most important thing. Unfortunately death is part of life as much as birth and I think after 79 years it’s alright to die. But still… 😦

Other than that, I’ve been busy socialising with a birthday party, bar time during the week, chilling with the neighbors, visiting old time friends in their house and BBQing, pool time and then today my German friend Siggie and his family invited me to go out to the lake with their boat. Of course today is the first day that the sun is not shining. Oh the irony. Though it might actually be nicer that way and definitely better for my skin ;). We’ve had temperatures from 90-105F every day that I’ve been here. I thought the pilot was kidding when he said “welcome to Charlotte, the temperature is 46°C” uhm no and that wasn’t even the hottest day…

Well, time has definitely flown by these past 2.5 weeks and I can’t believe I’m back on the plane on Wednesday night. Wow! I’m just hoping the visa process will go smoothly and semi-quickly cause even though I’ve been super busy every day there’s still so much I wanna do.
Anyways, hope you’re all doing alright, I havn’t really had the chance to read many blogs lately….


7 responses to “Byebye Oma Auguste

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother…that really sucks. Sounds like you’re busy with Globe Hopping 😉 and like you’re having fun in North Carolina!

    I hope your Asthma is doing better, and I hope you’re keeping up with the drug regimen that the doctor prescribed. Even though you were told by many friends to get a second opinion…lung function tests don’t lie…I’m a Respiratory Therapist and that is my specialty. I also have Asthma and wouldn’t skip a day without my inhaled steroids. They can prevent severe asthma attacks, and also keeps me from using a rescue inhaler everyday. Keeping Asthma at bay with controller medicine is key, because even if you think you don’t have an allergic component to your Asthma, all it takes is once being around something and the next thing you know you’re in a full blow attack. Asthma is serious and kills many people every year. Even if you’re not having noticeable symptoms the lung test confirmed that you have a problem.

    People without lung problems don’t know what it’s like not to be able to breath. People with family that have ashtma think they understand it all. And even though taking steriods is a pain in the ass, they really do help with airway remodeling and help ward off severe problems in the future.
    (I’ll get off the soap box now)
    Take good care of yourself sweetie!

  2. Any lose is always a touching moment and difficult to cope with.

    well girl, seems you are going to be very popular in Charlotte! going up and down will make you be known by everybody in town ! hehe 🙂 keep doing that great job!

    Good luck with your VISA, I hope all that “procession” is worth!

  3. my fingers are crossed for the visa, but honestly, i don’t see why it shouldn’t work out. you seem happy, that’s great!

  4. sorry about your grandmother sweetie. send you a big hug!!! good luck with the visa as well, my fingers are crossed!!! big kiss

  5. you got it?? you’re gonna become another H1B alien in the US? Congrats!

    What are you going to be doing for them?

  6. I’m really sorry to hear about your grandma 😦 (((((((((Sanna))))))))))))
    Good luck with the visa! I’m still in awe with all the things you have done and accomplished! 🙂

  7. This is way late, but I am really sorry to hear about your grandmother!

    By the way, what was your password to protected entries again? I don’t think I have it anymore. 😦

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