Back Home

I’m back in cold old Germany – brrrrrrrr!
All that late night partying in Charlotte (the last one with home made pizza – yum!) made me really tired so when I got on the plane I was actually able to sleep! My seat neighbor and I drowned some gin-tonic and then my melantonin kicked in and I fell asleep around 8pm. I woke up a couple of times but was able to go back to sleep and I was shocked when they turned on the lights and served breakfast at 1am Eastern time – an hour before landing! Seriously, that flight must have gone by the fastest ever. I was so happy. Our purser was also super nice – actually so nice that I had to fill out a comment card about how great the service was.
Then another short flight from Munich up to Hanover and surprise surprise one of my best friends, Marc, picked me up from the airport! Yay! We then had some brunch at my parents and after taking a nap my other friend Jens came over to hear all the news and play video games with me. Why he insisted on coming over the first night I was back – I don’t know… Oh I guess he just wanted to get the manbag that I had to bring over for him.
Anyway, I had my check-up for my lungs today and good news, she typed in “lungs are now” in her little report. Yay! I’m down to one dose of cortisol for another month now and thereafter I only have to take it if I feel like I need it. Woot!
Well, I’m off to find a scanner to scan my old visa documents. The faster I get my visa the better; my Mom has already started to treat me like a slave again with making me cook and taxiing around my sister. Ah the joys….
But good news, I’m going to Italy for three days in 2.5 weeks so that should be nice.


6 responses to “Back Home

  1. Yay, welcome back 🙂 we (I) missed you! Can’t wait to hear all about your little adventure. You going to Italy for the job? Wanna take me?

  2. Yay, I’m so excited for you! Everything sounds just awesome! Enjoy the time you have at home now!

  3. Wow! flight go and back, go and back.. dear, you’ve got life on the planes! hehehe

    enjoy your days in Germany… and Italy!!

    ciao bella!

  4. Yay, I finally made it! You mentioned me in your blog! 😉 By picking you up from the airport, that was my only intention! 😉
    I’m looking forward to see you again on sunday at J.’s!

  5. i hope our flight will go by nearly as fast. dreading it but the destination makes it worthwhile!

    it’s good to hear your lungs got better and fingers are tightly crossed for the visa! 🙂

  6. Wow…Du hast ja ein Reisetempo, da kommt ja glatt ein Rentnerpaar nicht hinterher, bei der Zeit, die ein Rentner nun mal hat.
    Schoen, dass Du wieder gut und heil zuhause gelandet bist und finger are crossed for your visa. 😉

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