Having lived with my Italian roommate for three weeks, I learned that Italians eat loads of pasta with (almost) every meal. Well, having lived with my family again for 5 days, I realized that Germans eat loads of potatos. I can’t see them anymore! Enough already. Let’s see, Thursday we had potatos and veggies, Friday I had to cook potatos and steak strips, Saturday I actually had to go to our field and help pick potatos from the soil (oh jolly farm life…), Sunday we had potatoes, cabbage and chicken curry, and today I had to make fried potatos for lunch (which was breakfast for me due to my still messed up internal clock). Enough!!!


13 responses to “Potatoland

  1. hahahahahaaha! Kartofen !! ( sp ? ) xDDDD
    I dunno if you, German people, really eat them at anytime, but we, Spaniards, think you actually do it!!!

    it is like here… foreigners think we are all the time eating paella lol

  2. I LOVE potatoes… there’s nothing wrong with that!! 🙂

  3. thats true, but i dont mind, i LOVE potatoes too. your family owns a farm? that is so cool!! welcome back home, ill keep my fingers crossed for your visa sweetie 🙂

  4. No, no, no Sanna: Sweden must be the number one potatoecountry in the world. And here they are not at all as creative with them and eat them mostly just boiled and maybe fried.
    Luckily I don’t mind them!

  5. To be fair to both your family and your roommate, you should start eating gnocchi.

    Btw, congrats on the new job!

  6. i rather eat potatoes every day than pasta. 🙂 and yea for the italy trip! awesome!!!

  7. Girl, I have just been catching up with your blog and I am soooo glad that everything worked out for you (do you have some advice?) Guess you will give me another great reason to kick myself on a plane once in a while (not that i needed any more really)
    *huge hug*

  8. Being German and loving potaotes, I had to give up on them coz Hakan doesnt like them that much. We are on pasta and rice now… Know what you mean though. 🙂

  9. I love potatoes and have the same problem with it like Silke. My hubby doesn’t like it and so we eat pasta and rice all the time. Miss to eat potatoes a lot…and when you mentioned, you had to help on the field – reminds me of my past – I had to do it,too. My Dad prefered the weekends at 6 am to get us onto the field.

  10. Having just arrived from Brussels I think potatoes (unfried) are just wonderful to have. 😀

    Hope you’re doing fine, greetings from Hamburg! 🙂


  11. Although I love potatoes and pasta beyond belief, I don’t think I could have either and/or both every day. But I’d be happy to try — once my home gym is set up.

  12. for some reason i am very italian in that way and can’t eat potatos every day, even though i am german;-)

  13. Potatoes rule the world. Remember, Ireland won’t be able to grow them with further global climate change, so it’s up to you now.

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