Happy Belated Blog Day 2007

Ok so I’m 2 weeks late and Kim has tagged me twice and commanded that I write about 5 blogs that I find interesting, soooo……

To give you something to read while I’m in Frankfurt and Imola why don’t you check out:

1. The Frankfurt Files
One of the people I’m visiting in Frankfurt is Dave who writes about an American’s perceptions of life in Germany. He writes so funny that my mom actually reads the blog, too!

2. Symone
Symone and her hubby just moved to Ireland this summer and I really enjoy her photos and stories from there. She actually likes living there so it’s interesting to read her thoughts about Ireland and compare them to my own. 😉

3. Dr. Apple Goes Pepper
Susi writes stories about her life in Miami and New York City and while she doesn’t write that often, her entries are always sure to make me laugh out loud.

4. Tausend kleine Dinge in Amerika
Kai Blum explains (in German) little things from the US. I really enjoy reading his random entries.

5. Ute’s World
I’ve read Ute’s (German) blog for ages now starting from her being an au-pair in Connecticut to being back in Germany to now studying over there again. Gotta love that girl and the drama that’s constantly trying to get the better of her – but never does in the end.

Well seeing that this entry is two weeks overdue i’m not gonna tag anyone to post something on August 31st 2007. It’d be a bad start to be late already, huh? Enjoy browsing!


6 responses to “Happy Belated Blog Day 2007

  1. well well, see who finally shared some blogs with the world 😉 will go check the ones i don’t know right away. thanks for participating. oh and you’re right, isn’t ute’s drama just amazing 😀

  2. i checked out dave’s blog and like it a lot!! any news regarding your visa?

  3. well, i guess i need to feel bad, since i totally forgot to post about that, either;-)

  4. oh thank you sweetie! I am so excited that you mentioned me!!! Does that mean you tagged me now or no? 😉

  5. hey chica! como estas? how are you doing? we need more blog updates!

  6. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog!

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