Vacation Bummer

Awww big bummer, I was getting all excited because my friend Juliane had gotten next week off from work and we were gonna fly somewhere warm like Turkey. But now one of her fellow doctors (I think it’s really cool that one of my best friends is going to be a doctor by the way!) is out sick and so the hospital told her they need her. Hmpf. Bummer. 28°C, sunshine, the beach and all you can eat sure sounded like a nice plan. 😦 She’s got the week after off but I can’t leave that week since I have some errands to run near Bielfeld and Frankfurt. Gugh. So we’ll see where operation vacation is heading towards. I might not go at all since most people have already used their vacation days for this year or have just started working or what not. Let me tell you, going on holiday is really one of the big things that make me wanna be not single but date some hot hunk that wants to travel with me but oh well, better than having some guy that wants to sit on a dull lake and fish all day long, huh?!
PS: My sister has just booked a trip to the Bahamas…. *wants too* 😦
PPS: Graduation tomorrow – yay!


5 responses to “Vacation Bummer

  1. That’s bad, I can track that problem, too. Single-ism and vacation are two hardly compoundable things. Anyways, if you find some hot girl that is looking for vacation with a pilot around xmas and new year’s eve, give me holler… 😉

  2. Yay, it’s graduation day today! Enjoy your evening, hun! And I’m sure some solution for the vacation problem will pop up soon!

  3. that is a bummer about your vacation! 😦 hey, maybe you should look into one of those “trek america” or something. it’s supposed to be great if you travel alone. that way you’re not bound to anyone… ?

    have a great graduation today. *smooches*

  4. Hope your graduation ceremony was nice! And maybe you can figure out something to go on vacation after all. 🙂
    You know I was thinking how it is nice to be single because in a relationship you cannot be selfish and just move to another country for a year just like that, and i was thinking I need a boyfriend who will follow me around like a puppy, haha, seems you want the same kind of guy, let me know where to find one. 😉

  5. Dating may not necessarily result in actually travelling more even if it gives one more companionship and reason to! Be warned!

    Happy Graduation!

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