What I’ve been doing…

Yeah, long time no entry but sharing a family PC to go online sucks. I’ve had a pretty uneventful week after my graduation. Did not go on vacation 😦 but there was a federal holiday and even though almost all my friends here were busy with things like family visits, homoeopathic sessions and renovating my friend Jens took pity on me and spent the day with me in Hanover. First I got to see his apartment for the first time (he’s lived there for ages and has complained that no one ever visited him there). Then we attempted to go swimming but the pool was closed. Then we drove by the Octoberfest there but decided to have some ice-cream in the city center. So we did that, and boy was that ice-cream good! (Giovanni something at the Kröpke) Afterwards we attempted to stroll around the Herrenhäuser Gärten but they were still charging you to get in and so we finally decided to drive to the Steinhuder Meer, which is a big lake somewhere there. Very touristy and crowded but we took a look at everything before we drove back to Hanover. Had some tea at his place and then another stroll towards the city center to eat sushi. Yay! The food was fine but a highlight was definitely the door to the kitchen that was super narrow and only about 1.20m high so the poor waiters always had to crouch waaaay low. Afterwards we watched Lords of War, which was really good and then I finally drove home. So yeah, I don’t do much but when I do something, I sometimes do a lot of things.

The weekend was good, too. Went out to the pubs and then dancing on Friday with my dear friends and that was loads of fun. Wanna know our running gag: “In theory I have a job…” Saturday I felt really tired as I had had a night from hell (not from drinking… my stomach felt like it was full with Ahoi fizzy powder) and Sunday I felt really sick with throat ache out of no where and a runny nose (which I both still have – yay…). Went into town yesterday to run some errands and today I took a few trains (like 6) to go to the German branch of my theoretical company and looked around there.
Thursday another trip to Frankfurt for that logic test with P&G and I hope the S-Bahn is still working then as they plan on striking again (bloody eejits) and then I get to help my friend Michaellyn move into her new apartment and paint with her so I’ll stay in Frankfurt until maybe Sunday.
Das geschäftige Leben einer Erwerbslosen…. (the busy life of an unemployed)


4 responses to “What I’ve been doing…

  1. ach sanna, es kommen auch bessere zeiten! kopf hoch und motivation bitte 🙂

  2. da du ja sonst auch immer so busy bist, ist das eben mal ne ganz ungewohnte zeit für dich. aber das wird schon wieder.

  3. You know exactly how I felt all summer! High 5!

  4. lol well, temporally unemployment isn’t that bad though ( are you giving some money from the government for it ? )

    BTW, sharing computer sucks.

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