Another 52€ to Fedex

Unbelievable but I finally have all the forms ready to send to my J1 sponsor after having talked to the HR girl today. Woot! So I’m gonna get up early tomorrow, dress up and put make up on and hope that the Fedex guy will be super hot – I’m thinking sexy UPS guy from that sex and the city episode where Samantha gets a delivery. Haha! Well, quite honestly, the last Fedex guy was really smelly and not looking like anything to write home about so I don’t have any hope. Well, long as my documents get to the big apple quickly I don’t care though.

Other than that, life is going well. I’m still slaving away and am supposed to cook another feast tonight. Last night was a whole roasted chicken with carrots and potatoes and tonight will be chicken frikassee so yeah never anything simple like the things I ate when my Mom still cooked. Hmpf!

Friday night however I met with my girls+Jens and we had drinks at the new local bar Zeitlos. Now I keep complaining about German waiters not checking up on how things are but the guy there really annoyed us with his “Ist alles schön?” (Is everything beautiful?) every fifteen minutes or so. He stopped that after I told him before he could ask that “Alles ist schön!”. Good times though and I can’t wait to do our Sex And The City night on Thursday. Yay!

Saturday my Mom and I hit the town and boy was I exhausted afterwards. I guess a slice of pumpkin bread (yum!) wasn’t enough to get me through a hard day of shopping.

So Sunday I relaxed and then went to my cousins to have my diploma scanned. He also gave me some cool Photoshop plugins so I need to install those at some point. Later Massimo came by to sign my visa forms and I showed him the medieval houses of my city. Damn freezing in this country so we had some hot tea and some good talks at a café afterwards.

Monday I slaved away like normal but I also got to do some nordic walking in the forrest (where it was freeeeezing) and now I’m sore but hey, that’s a good reward, right?! 🙂


7 responses to “Another 52€ to Fedex

  1. Yay… I am so glad you sent your paperwork off. I am still keeping my fingers crossed over here [which makes it really hard to type ;)].

    Glad you’re having a good time with your friends and family.

  2. “the last Fedex guy was really smelly and not looking like anything to write home about”

    hahahaa 🙂

    your funny!

  3. wo wurde denn das neue cafe eroeffnet??

  4. fingers are CROSSED!
    i really hope you will get good news soon! *smooches*

  5. my fingers are already sore from keeping them crossed for you. but i don’t want to complain;-) hehe…and i am glad you had a nice so called date with massimo;-)

  6. My fingers are crossed too!!!!

  7. nice, expensive but hopefully worth it in the end!!! fingers are crossed. hopefully we will be able to celebrate with you soon enough!!! love ya

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