I think I’m gonna go nuts….

So I wanted to write about the great time I had in Berlin but I just saw that my visa form (which I already received) has the consul’s signature but no name, date or title. Ahhhhhhh! I’m telling ya, I bet he was so exhausted from our super long interview that he forgot about it. DAMN! Not too sure what to do about that now…


7 responses to “I think I’m gonna go nuts….

  1. That really sucks! You probably have to send it back to them, right? I would call the consulate and ask what to do, better you find out now what to do than getting sent back to Germany at the airport in the States. Did you already book your flight?
    Hope you can get this resolved quickly and finally be off to Charlotte!

  2. Once again, fingers are crossed that it gets solved asap!!!!

  3. oh my. always something. i dont know what to tell you, i would probably call them as well?

  4. argh… what a P.I.T.A….

  5. Amen to what san said. I know you’ll handle it well.

  6. Oh no…that really sucks.
    Na denn ruf mal an und die sollen…hoppi hoppi machen, dass Du noch rechtzeitig die Unterlagen zusammen hast.

  7. Call them, I’d say… gosh, annoying stuff though.
    Fingers crossed everything will be good.

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