First Snow and I’m Still Here

Yup, we got the first snow today. It’s only a very light drizzle of tiny snowflakes but still. Never thought I’d still be here when that happens. Looks like I’ll be here a bit longer as my company pushed back my flight to the end of next week.

As for the blank fields in my visa forms, I called the super expensive consular customer service line andgot thrown out of the loop after 5 minutes… Grand! The next time I was smarter and pressed 1 for English so I got to talk to someone rather quickly. Turns out I can’t just walk up there and ask for them to fill the 3 tiny fields in. He suggested sending it in but I didn’t have time for that. So then he finally gives me some general email address (think Berlin@officialsomething). I emailed them from my gmx account but don’t hear back from them. So then I email them from my never in use gmail account because gmx sometimes is considered spam (*gasps*). Today, more than 24 hours later I get an automatic system reply that my message didn’t get through. I mean, what the heck am I supposed to do when I can’t get in touch with these people?! Grrrrrrrr!
I mean I knew that getting the visa was not the end of it, I’d still have to deal with the people at border control but all this stuff in between is just totally unnecessary and oh so frustrating. I guess I’ll call the 0900 super expensive hotline again today and ask them how the mail in process works because now I have enough time to do that – though I’d rather not give away my passport with the visa right now… with my luck… yikes….. *grumble*


6 responses to “First Snow and I’m Still Here

  1. Oh man, I wish you good luck!!!!

  2. yeah we couldn’t believe to see not only the first lil snow flakes yesterday. when we got out of a restaurant it was snowing heavy and the ground was white.*aaaaaaaaah*
    i keep my fingers crossed you are finally flying next week and all will go well. and no comment to any kind of authorities.*rolleseyes*

  3. Argh, how annoying. Tell me about the Visa Hotline… I don’t know how much money I spent on them last year and how little information I got out of it at the end.

    My fingers are crossed, sweetie.

  4. oh i would kick some butt. poor thing! good luck hun!!!!

  5. You’re becoming an expert in handling life. Such is life :.

  6. Snow? OMG…well we get it as rain here. But I would rather take the snow honestly.
    At least it looks nicer.

    Doesn’t matter where you are, visa stuff is a pain in the ***.
    Hope they will fix that problem ASAP.

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