Back in The Queen City

So after 3 months of annoyances and worrying I finally made it back to Charlotte. I’m super happy that that worked out – though I can’t quite say I’m excited. You know it’s not like the first time I went to London and was ohhing and ahhhing over Big Ben and such but it sure feels good to be back.
The day started super early at 3:30am. Yikes! Made it to the airport in Hanover at 5, which was good because the check-in lady made me repack my suitcases. So they went from 21 and 27,5kg to 23 and 25,5kg and she let them pass. Thankfully she didn’t made me weigh my carry-on; that was another 17kg (but down from 20kg the night before!!). A quick flight to Frankfurt including a 30 minute delay once we boarded and then a loooong one to Charlotte. I had the weirdest seat neighbor. Some young, blonde Swede with a huge tattoo of a half naked woman on his arm that was chewing tobacco and then… watching THE BEAUTY & THE BEAST!! Hillarious. We didn’t really talk but the movies kept me busy and eventually we landed.
I was of course again super nervous about immigrations after that last ordeal but the officer asked me one question. That’s right, one! “So is this the first time you are travelling with this visa?” He held the stamp over my passport but then hesitated for what seemed like forever while reading some more in his computer. Nervewracking! But he hit it, my passport got the stamp and “You’re all set”. Haha! Yay! I almost had a feeling this would happen after all that crap beforehand.
All my bags made it – yay! Massimo, Giorgio, and Chadi picked me up in a tiny Golf that was filled with garbage from the old intern but somehow we all squeezed in and got some food and drinks before I could convince them that I was wayyy too tired to do anything and they dropped me off at my new place. I even managed to unpack the majority of my luggage before falling into bed.
Well today I’m gonna have to go shopping. For some reason there are only 2 huge pots left – not sure what happened to the small ones and I had to throw away some dish towels because they were left in the laundry machine and were quite disgusting when I discovered them. Yuk! Whatever, SuperTarget here I come! 😀


5 responses to “Back in The Queen City

  1. Glad you made it back to Charlotte! This post really makes me miss the States, I wanna go back so back some time.

  2. Welcome back to the States!

  3. Yay, you made it!!! And yes, that’s how they are them Swedes, hard shell and a soft core! My heart is melting! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Yay sweetie… you made it back to NC 🙂 I am so happy for you… and SuperTarget rocks *grins*

  5. Wahoo, wahoo! I hope they’re more sensitive to you over time. Glad you’re safe!

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