I said I was gonna go shopping and so I did. Thankfully my company gave me a car that I can use until I find my own so I drove to SuperTarget and spent around 200$. Yikes! Well, you know how hard it is in the beginning to stock up on basic groceries and then I needed a few things like a water filter, a kettle, a small pot (because there were only 2 huge pots left in the house – not sure where the others went….), two fleece blankets, a large trash can, soap and all that stuff, candles……. yeah. Afterwards I was exhausted. Too much walking around trying to find everything.
I almost fell asleep on the sofa watching college football – ’cause that’s really the only TV channel that I get not too fuzzy right now but thankfully Giorgio and Chadi then showed up and we went uptown to eat pizza and coffee. Funny story, the owner of the coffee place actually remembered me from two years ago when I was at his other restaurant with some friends. Talk about good memory (though I keep thinking about whether or not I left such an embarrasing impression that I burned into his memory….).
Went to a party in south Charlotte then. It was supposed to be a World Party but it was more like a Latin music party with a belly dancer. They had Caipi though so that was great. Got home around 2am and went straight to bed. Aparently my body has arrived here but my inner clock is still back in Europe. You’d think after not much sleep on the day I flew in and then 6 hours the night after, I’d sleep in but noooo. I woke up at 5am. 3 hours of sleep – great. Yeah I didn’t think I’d be any good at work tomorrow so after tossing and turning for half an hour or so I took some melantonin. It took forever to work but I finally fell back asleep (yay drugs!) and stayed like that until 11. Oh bliss!
Organized my bathroom and walk-in closet today (yay), got some more groceries and sushi from Harris Teeter, looked at pre-paid cell phone deals (complicated is an understatement…) and later on it’s prolly a movie with the gang or I don’t know. Keeping busy anyway. 🙂


13 responses to “Tired

  1. I’d love to go shopping in the States!
    How come you’re getting a prepaid phone, not a contract (seeing as they do 1 year contracts in the States).

  2. Welcome back to the States!

  3. Hi Girl,

    I am glad everything went well at immigrations;) They should be happy to have you anyway.

  4. Have a good real first day at work!

  5. nice!!! glad you made it there safely!!! and i mean who can resist target? hehe. what ya doing for new years?

  6. welcome on the other side of the ocean! you sound like you never left the city and have always lived there.

  7. Your having a company car must be impossibly stress-relieving for the short-term! I’m so glad. SuperTargets’ are awesome. I visited 1 for the first time 6 weeks ago and it was simply awe-inspiring after seeing Target’s without the food for decades before. You’re so fun already, gee golly! Fun gal!

  8. hi sweetie,
    i am glad you get to adjust more or less. i am glad we were able to speak for a bit during the weekend. and i really hope your first working day was ok and you weren’t too nervous. i know you’ll make it, sweetie:-)

  9. werd hier mal wieder oefter vorbeisehen 🙂 Du hast ein grossartiges Jahr vor Dir!!!

  10. All sounds wonderful, sweets.
    Maybe I can come out and see you sometime 🙂


  11. Hi Sanna!
    Buying all your basic supplies can be very expensive! But they make life so much more comfy.
    I just had a look at your pics… You take lovely pictures. They are very creative. I think I might need to take a leaf out of your book!


  12. Good you made it safely!
    Have fun getting used to the whole new life you are living.

  13. you did it!!! and went to my first choice…supertarget!!! $200…that’s only 135Euros :)….that’s what i keep telling hubby when i shop online!

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