First Week Recap

So my first week here is over and I feel like I’ve been here much longer considering how much I’ve done so far. Ok so Sunday I got coffee with Chadi and then we went to Giorgio’s until he threw us all out because some girl was gonna come over. Cooked some food and read Cosmo with Chadi later on and then all of a sudden it was Monday morning. Work has been going well so far. There’s a lot going on right now with the new year approaching and some trade shows coming up. Not really much time to learn how to do all that but I’m taking more of a “just do it” approach. But my co-workers are all nice and I really enjoy what I do.
I think Monday night I hung out with my neighbors and we watched some telly and chatted. It was good to see them again after these months. I also went to CVS and bought a cell phone but you had to activate it online and well, my connection here is almost non-existant so I couldn’t activate it. Tuesday I then went over to Chadi’s to take care of that and we watched The Rock – about which I had totally forgotten how nasty it can be. I also got so lucky and got some yummy pizza and super sweet cake from Chadi. Yum!
Wednesday night we hung out at my place for a bit and my neighbors Karl and Ash visited, too. We had to go to Coyote Joe’s then, which is a huge country club (not as in country club but as in music club). Loads of fun chuckeling over the line dancers and then after a few beers we headed uptown to Connoloy’s where we met Manuel and some of his co-workers. A Guiness there and then we finally did what we had intended to do, we saw our co-worker play the drums in his surf band. Fun times but I think I had another beer there so after a quick stop at Forum, which included dancing, we headed to Fuel and the boys made me eat pizza and drink loads of water. I think I actually spilled that one cup. Embarrasing! Finally around 2am we were home but ugh, I was drunk…
Thursday morning proved to be not so nice but not horrible. I went to the bathroom and had to lay down there because I got pretty dizy but after the more or less cold shower I was half way ok. The pizza party at work was the third day in a row for pizza but it was nonetheless YUMMY! Don’t think I did much on Thursday night but yesterday Giorgio and I went uptown and met with Massimo and a bunch of other Italians. I was good and only drank Coke and Sprite because I have this evil cough and my throat is kind of sore….
This morning, TimeWarnerCable was supposed to hook up my internet and TV. They said they were gonna come between 8 and 12 and they’d call half an hour before. So I didn’t set my alarm, seeing that they’d call me early enough. Well at 9 the guy calls and says he’d be there in 10 minutes. Oh-Kay. So that was a quick getting out of bed jump. He tried to set up everything but couldn’t really do it. So at 11:30 he calls his supervisor who then comes out around 12. This guy does all the same things and woopdido, nothing happens. Ahhhh! They said I’d have to talk to my housing society but I don’t even know what to ask them. Nice… So frustrating! And then the guys used my guest bathroom and you know what, the dude not only left the seat up but also left the lights on! Tzzz! Unbelievable! 😉
So the pointlessness of the day goes on. We’ve got a lot going on at work right now and so I was asked to come in today and help them out for let’s say 4 hours or so. Well, I was done after 2 hours, which seems pretty pointless to me considering the half hour drive each way. Oh well. So then to improve the day I got sushi from Harris Teeter – yum! Forgot to pick up bread and tea but OH WELL! In a couple of minutes I’ll grab a coffee with the boys and hopefully I’ll get to see Yung as well. So yeah, I’m keeping busy. 😀 I miss boredom 😉


4 responses to “First Week Recap

  1. sweetie, that being dizy of yours made me a bit worried about you. i really hope that you feel better now. i am glad you had nice company throughout the week and your co workers are nice to you:-)smooch

  2. i can’t believe you already started working…didn’t waste much time..but you sure are enjoying yourself and have plenty of people to hang out with! hope your internet and cable thing get straightened out soon!

  3. it’s good to hear that you seem to be having a good time already. took you no time to re-adjust, hm? i have to say, i’m jealous. but believe me, we will be there sooner or later to check out charlotte. it’s still on the list of places to possibly move to in the future so you can already check rent-rates for us 😉 *smoochie*

  4. Those rude men! Don’t worry, just funny story from life :). What a party girl, you! Have fun fun fun.

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