Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

So I’m officially in a Christmas mood again! Was starting to feel really un-Christmassy here with the nice weather and so much going on. But, last night at the supermarket they had Advent Calendars!!!! Real German ones, too! I was sooooo happy! 😀 Then we watched Elf at Giorgio’s place and that was so Christmassy, too that we tuned into Christmas Carol Radio in the car and so yeah,… bring on Christmas! Will try to buy a little fake tree later today, too. Hehe! Are you in Christmas Spirit yet, too?


11 responses to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

  1. no thank you. never been, never will. ich hab’s ueberhaupt nicht mit weihnachten……..

  2. Yeah I got one here too! They actually had Adventskalender in most grocery stores here, I was amazed. I had no idea this tradition has become so popular in other countries, and my roommate told me they have them in France too.

  3. welcher supermarkt??????? ich hoffe ich bekomm hier auch einen!!!!

  4. Also World Market hat auf jeden Fall welche. Ansonsten bin ich in super Weihnachtsstimmung!!

  5. Nach erstem Gluehwein und Weihnachtsmarktbesuch in Tallinn bin ich’s auf jeden Fall und werde gleich heute Abend das haus dekorieren. Wuensch Dir noch eine schöne Adventszeit!

  6. i have to say that with the weather in cali and the palm trees it was difficult to get into the spirit but the lights in the evening did get me there a little bit even when we were still there. and then on saturday my sister and her family gave us an “adventskranz” which was really sweet and i actually decorated the apartment last night, so i’m getting there 😉 i actually think we’re gonna go get a tree next weekend.

    oh and i got “elf” in LA to give to C for nikolaus. i hope it’s good. we both haven’t seen it, he “collects” christmas movies, it was on sale at target and we both love will ferrel so i thought it should be working out fine 🙂

  7. i am not a huge xmas fan anyways. but this year with all this rain and today the insane ppl at the mall doesn’t make it easier to get into xmas mood.;-) but i am glad you are smooch

  8. Grr! I was going to send you an Adventskalender today! You ruined it for me! I’ll try harder next time.

    Oh yes, I am very tempted to put up lights, lights everywhere!

  9. Yep, three days christmas market definitely put me in a christmassy mood… I will have a Gühwein to you later this week, promised. 😉

  10. Got an Adventskalendar, too… and have to work really hard to only open that day’s door and not all of them all the way up to 24….
    for some reason people here think they have to get a tree the day after T-day… ahhh, no way!

  11. i love the tradition of adventskalendars..that’s one thing we will definitely take back to the US with us…bella gets one from her patin and then we have another one with tiny wooden ornaments…so bella takes out an ornament a day to put on her tiny plastic tree outside her door 😉 … i just sent off a yummy loacker adventskalendar to my godchildren in the US…and my sis is laughing because the kids thought they got to eat all the yummies in one sitting!

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