Three Weeks Done

I’m totally behind in my blogging since Time Warner Cable and my housing association both blame eachother for my cable’s not working and I don’t have internet access. But due to my work computer’s slowness and my having to wait for photoshop to react I can blog a bit now. It’s like I do one click, it freezes, it unfreezes, I do another click, it freezes again and so on and so on.
Anyway, I am finally healthy again after that bronchitis and then a lovely bladder infection that sent me looking for an urgent care center (kind of hard without internet). The antibiotics cleaned me up quite well and they were only 25$. I was shocked! Still have to hand that in to my insurance but yeah. Not bad!
Other than that, life has been nice. Last week was super warm and we ate lunch outside most of the days. It really does feel like a break when you get to sit on a patio and feel like you’re getting toasted. It’s super cold today though!
Hmmm, what else did I do?! Hung out with the boys at the pub next door, had sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant with a friend of a friend, went shopping (me wants macbook), saw a huge organic supermarket, received my first Christmas mail, went out clubbing on Thursday (but that wasn’t too bad and I didn’t drink), helped Giorgio move (I think I was carrying much more than the lazy boys but oh well), went out to dinner afterwards and got really weird vibes from M’s girlfriend, slept horribly because of someone’s snoring and too much noise from upstairs, had sushi buffet on Saturday and then we all hung out at Giorgio’s new place and watched TV before going out for dinner, did laundry on Sunday, read a good book, watched Christmas movies and baked cookies with Chadi and Giorgio.
Busy life here…. I love my boys but I really miss my girlfriends and I haven’t properly talked to my family since I got here!!! Stupid internet provider 😦


9 responses to “Three Weeks Done

  1. can’t believe it’s taking this long to get cable/internet..sounds like you’re in italy! glad to hear that you are healthy in time for the holidays and it sounds like you are having a great time with food and friends…hope you get to chat with family soon!
    btw: i love my powerbook…once i went apple i never looked back 🙂 and i’m sure with the low dollar you are at a price advantage…

  2. hi cutie pie. maybe i should check into a flight to come and see you, or are you really far away? 🙂 miss ya!!

  3. i hope you’re back online soon. and you should get a new computer at work, that sounds really annoying… 🙂

  4. family. wir sschreiben uns doch, wie früher. geht doch auch. 🙂 🙂

  5. Talk about slow computers at work….I’m merging huge SPSS files at the moment and it takes forever! Getting a new one in January though! Looks like you’re having a great social life already over there! Really getting back what you’ve missed out on in Ireland! Enjoy!

  6. i am glad you are healthy again. and i am behind blogging,too. so don’t worry. hope to catch u online one of these days. smooch

  7. Hey, I hope you get your internet to work soon! Merry Christmas!

  8. merry christmas dear sanna!!

  9. damn it…. why does my google reader not update your site? i just found out that you had posted a new entry… oh well. i hope you’ll have a wonderful, wonderful christmas…
    tell me about the blatter infection. i was hardly here and the cold just hit me…


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