Christmas Holidays

I’m back at work after four fantastic days off. Mini-Christmas-Holiday/Vacation! Happy days! After a good day at work on Friday (sent off the new add to publishers and booked hotels for Vegas (I’m going, too!)) and a trip to Wal*Mart and ALDI, my best girlfriend’s other best friend Stefan called and we went uptown where we met with The Men. Started out at Connoly’s and things were kind of quiet so I decided to have some whiskey coke instead of beer and the fun began. Had a great time chatting and then dancing at Alley Cat. The night ended not so well for my stomach but I was good to go the next morning.
I finally got to talk to my family for a bit longer than just 10 minutes. My new macbook picks up the wireless connection much bettr than lappy’s wireless card so I was very happy! In the afternoon Chadi and I had coffee at Caribou and then strolled around Freedom Park. It’s good to walk when it doesn’t involve the mall. Feels more European. We then watched the Panthers lose again and had yummy dinner with Giorgio and Jack before we headed uptown again. A short stop at Luce to pick up Manuel and another girl. Some drinks at Blue with a band playing cool music and then we tried to go to Forum. Tried because Jack aparently isn’t 21 yet so that was a bit of drama. It worked fine at HOM though and we stayed there until 3. Very crazy night even though I didn’t drink anything (I’m so good when I drive).
Sunday was fantastic. It was raining cats and dogs in the morning so staying in bed long felt sooo cozy. Once out of it I went out to breakfast with Giorgio and that really felt like vacation with eggs and bacon and pancakes. Yum! Thereafter I drove to the hotel where Chadi works and by then the sun was shining so add a resort and sun and then a yummy green tea latte and the vacation feeling was even bigger.
Monday was Christmas Eve and after some last minute shopping I skyped with my family and we opened gifts. I got some nice things like a scarf, book, calendar, a mug and German marzipan! Yay!
Around 7ish Giorgio, Massimo and I started cooking. Massimo had made lasagne, Giorgio made potatoes and I made mulled wine, sausages and bread rolls. I was soooooooo super happy that I got to eat my German traditional food and I think the guys enjoyed it, too. Chadi came along a bit later, too, and so did Manuel and we watched Old School and were merry. At midnight the guys wanted to go to church so we went to this catholic church. A bit strange for me (as a lutheran) but it was alright. One beer at Tyber Creek and we went back to Massimo’s and Chadi did some card tricks. Then the guys opened their gifts from me (it was the 24th after all – ok so 2:30am the 25th but that’s ok).
The 25th after sleeping in a little bit and hanging out a little bit I picked up Chadi and we drove to Sauro and Giorgio’s place to start the turkey. Remember you can’t get milk at Rite Aid on Christmas Day (sold out) and everything else is closed). But we still managed to make some yummy drinks, watch fun movies (The Incredibles, Homealone, Austin Powers), enjoy cooking and good food and then crashed there. Much easier to get from work from there (10 minute drive). Unforutnately someone snored so I didn’t sleep much but at least that got me out of bed at 7 and I was at work at 7:40. Gives me 50 minutes to take off ealier on Friday. Yay! And so, the Christmas Holidays are over but they were super nice and I am so happy that I had the boys to spend them with and eat good German food with. 2.5 more days until the next 4 day weekend…
I hope you all had some wonderful Christmas days as well (or are still having them…)!


7 responses to “Christmas Holidays

  1. Well sounds like a really great Christmas for someone who is far away from her family. Hope you are enjoying the rest of it.
    Merry belated Christmas to you !!!

    We got some snow yesterday. Someone remembered that he/she/it has forgotten to put some flakes down on Oregon. So it came down like crazy, but unfortunately it didn’t really stick. Oh well…

  2. You’ve made so many acquaintances! You social gal :). Glad you weren’t alone for the holidays and Merry Belated Christmas to you and yours. Much love.

  3. Merry Christmas Sandra!

    I am bit lost anyways… where are u living now? are u in USA?¿?¿?¿?¿?

  4. what? las vegas? when and why??? 🙂 was nice chatting with you last night! hugs

  5. sounds like a great christmas..when families not near…friends are the next best thing :)…i laughed when you mentioned walking with no malls…i’m too american…hehehe…glad you’re enjoying your macbook! and back to work already…i felt so deprived when i realized even dec. 26th is a holiday here (not one thing open)….i miss my after christmas shopping…i’m still in shock that hubby’s work is closed these 2 weeks…but he’s still doing some work from home…how are you adjusting to the american work schedule vs. european? oh and vegas sounds fun…i used to go on weekend trips with my girlfriends while in uni..since it was only a 4 hr. drive!! but since having bella i have yet to return…

  6. wow, bei dir ist ja einiges los! es ist immer wieder amuesant deine posts zu lesen 🙂

  7. Belated Christmas wishes to you!

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